How do I use ImageJ FracLac?

How do I use ImageJ FracLac?

In the screen shot shown here, the values are 1.5249, 1.511, 1.5016, and 1.507….

  1. Start FracLac. With FracLac installed, select Plugins> Fractal Analysis from the ImageJ menu .
  2. Select a Scan On startup, the panel has purple buttons for selecting the type of scan you want to do.
  3. Set Options.

What is FracLac?

FracLac is a plugin for ImageJ. It is freely available software developed and maintained by our lab at the School of Community Health, Faculty of Science, Charles Sturt University, Australia. The author of the software and project lead is also the author of this document (me, Audrey Karperien).

How do I download FracLac?


  1. Download ImageJ from the NIH website and install it.
  2. Exit ImageJ if it is running.
  3. Save the FracLac_. jar file into the folder called “plugins” inside the directory where you installed ImageJ.
  4. Restart ImageJ.
  5. To run FracLac, select Plugins » Fractal Analysis » FracLac from the ImageJ menu (see screen shot).

What is hausdorff method?

The Hausdorff dimension measures the local size of a space taking into account the distance between points, the metric. Consider the number N(r) of balls of radius at most r required to cover X completely. When r is very small, N(r) grows polynomially with 1/r.

How do you measure fractal size?

D = log N/log S. This is the formula to use for computing the fractal dimension of any strictly self-similar fractals. The dimension is a measure of how completely these fractals embed themselves into normal Euclidean space.

What is Hausdorff dimension used for?

Hausdorff measure takes the idea of looking at the volume of coverings by rectangles and generalizes it to arbitrary metric spaces and fractional α.

What is the formula for fractals?

What is Fibonacci vegetable?

Romanesco broccoli is not only one of the most stunning vegetables you can grow in your garden, it’s a mathematical marvel whose fractals (based on the Fibonacci sequence) are a naturally occurring feature.

Is the coastline a fractal?

Coastlines, of course, are not true fractals. While the self-similarity of a coastline extends pretty far, at the end of the day, coastlines are made up of atoms, and so the infinite levels of recursion that are possible in mathematical abstractions like the Koch snowflake are impossible with actual physical objects.

How do I use fraclac with ImageJ?

With FracLac installed, select Plugins> Fractal Analysis from the ImageJ menu . The FracLac panel and a colour selection tree appear. Ignore the colour selection tree for now. Select a Scan On startup, the panel has purple buttons for selecting the type of scan you want to do.

What is fraclac used for?

Welcome to the User’s Guide for FracLac, V. 2.5 FracLac is for digital image analysis. Use it to measure difficult to describe morphological features. This online user’s guide lists questions and answers and offers tutorials about how to install and use FracLac for ImageJ.

How do I open a fraclac file?

source code: unzip the FracLac.jar file using the file structure recommended in the zipped file, then open the .java files in a text editor or IDE JavaDoc: download it, generate it from the source code (e.g., using your IDE or the javac command prompt), or request it by email .

What is the screen resolution of the fraclac manual?

(See the Menu on the left for more). This version of the manual was developed and tested on Windows Vista with a screen resolution of 1600 x 900, running Firefox 12 at full screen. The most recent version of this document is available for download with the plugin at the FracLac website. (see Installation)