What causes waterlogging in Mumbai?

What causes waterlogging in Mumbai?

Heavy rainfall led to waterlogging in parts of Mumbai. Normal life hit out of gear. People were seen wading through knee-deep water in the Sion area on July 04.

Where is the waterlogged in Mumbai?

Waterlogging at Khandeshwar Railway Station Waterlogging was also seen at Khandeshwar Railway Station in Navi Mumbai as commuters navigated their way through ankle-deep waters.

What are the main causes of water logging in Mumbai?

Numerous reasons are blamed for water logging in Mumbai. (1) Couple of low lying areas in Mumbai are known to all City dwellers since ages that with little over 10 – 15 mm rains in less than 12 hours means water start accumulating in KURLA – SION – DADAR – PAREL – KING CIRCLE hence avoid these areas

Why does Mumbai get heavy rains and high tides?

For over 300 years now, Mumbai has been receiving heavy rains and also witnessing high tides. The amount of rain that the city receives has remained the same. So, what has changed? Why does it now submerge the city after every spell? Rapid urbanisation, which turned Mumbai into a concrete jungle, is one of the key reasons.

Is Mumbai’s stormwater problem caused by indiscriminate urbanisation?

Even if the authorities augment the stormwater drainage line to whatever extent now, indiscriminate urbanisation has already resulted in waterlogging of the streets, that would have otherwise never happened. Within the entire 603.4 sq km of Mumbai, water would percolate into at least 50 percent of the land and reach the water table.

Why does Mumbai flood so frequently?

Indiscriminate commercialisation and urbanisation are two key factors that explain the frequent flooding of Mumbai. Another monsoon, and Mumbai is inundated once again. Have you ever wondered how waterlogging became the unfortunate reality of India’s financial capital every year during Monsoon?