What is the net worth of Sahara Group?

What is the net worth of Sahara Group?

Confirming the net worth number of Rs 53,000 crore, the spokesperson adds: “Land is of outright ownership, and according to the government rate, its value is Rs 46,922 crore.

Who is the current owner of Sahara?

Subrata Roy
Occupation Founder and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar
Years active 1978 – present
Spouse(s) Swapna Roy
Children 2

Is Sahara a govt company?

Sahara India Pariwar ltd….Sahara India Pariwar.

Type Privately held company
Key people Subrata Roy (Chairman)

Is Aamby Valley profitable?

Its total income came down to ₹958 crore in 2018-19 from ₹1,530 crore a year ago.

Will Sahara India return money?

Sahara India Investors’ Refund Status: Only 138.07 crore including principal and interest has been returned by SEBI to Sahara India’s investors till now. Sahara India Investors’ Refund Status 2022: Crores of rupees of lakhs of investors in Sahara India’s schemes are stuck for years.

How many branches does Sahara have in India?

Sahara India Life Insurance is a private sector life insurance provider in India established in October 2004. The life insurer has a strong presence in the country with over 50 branches and more than 11 lakh employees working for them.

How much money has Sahara returned?

Is Sahara SEBI registered?

Terming Sahara India Financial Corp Ltd as an entity not ‘fit & proper’, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has cancelled registration of the Sahara group unit as sub-broker of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and BSE.

How much is the Sahara Group worth?

leading the charge for healthier and more sustainable environment SAHARA at a glance Sahara Group Over $10Billion $12Billion + Consolidated Revenue Transactions Closed 4,000+ Total Number of Sta 42+ Business Footprints Upstream 9 Assets across West Africa 100,000 BPD 5year Target Crude Oil Production 1.3Billion + Net 2P + 2C Reserves

What does Sahara LLC do?

Sahara LLC offers construction management services. The Company constructs automotive, health care, education, entertainment, office, and other related projects. Sahara serves customers in the United States.

Why Sahara energy resource limited?

Sahara Energy Resource Limited, the first Sahara Group company was established with initial focus of trading petroleum products – flagging off our phenomenal journey towards bringing energy to life. Our Group’s trading hub was relocated from Lagos, Nigeria to Geneva, Switzerland – unleashing our global vision.

How big is the Sahara Group in the Philippines?

SAHARA at a glance. Sahara Group. Over $10Billion $12Billion +. Consolidated Revenue Transactions Closed. 4,000+. Total Number of Sta. 42+. Business Footprints. Upstream.