What music does Adele listen to?

What music does Adele listen to?

Easy on MeHelloRolling in the DeepSomeone Like YouSet Fire To The RainWater Under the Bridge

What songs did Adele sing on audience?


  • “Hometown Glory”
  • “Hello”
  • “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”
  • “Easy On Me”
  • “I Drink Wine”
  • “Rolling in the Deep”
  • “Hold On”
  • “Set Fire to the Rain”

What is the most-streamed song on Spotify 2021?

drivers license
Top Global Songs: The most-streamed song of 2021 is Olivia Rodrigo’s drivers license with more than 1.1 billion streams this year. In the second and third spots respectively, are Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me By Your Name) (#2) and Stay (with Justin Beiber by The Kid LAROI (#3).

What was the review of Adele’s 21 album?

“Adele 21 review: Perfect album floats beyond countries and time”. Daily News. New York. Retrieved 22 February 2011. ^ a b Winistorfer, Andrew (9 August 2011). “Rolling in the Deep: Why Can’t Anyone Explain Adele’s Chart Domination”. Prefix Magazine. Retrieved 15 September 2011. ^ Frere-Jones, Sasha (27 June 2011). “Show Runners: The women of pop”.

How many weeks did Adele’s’21’stay on the Billboard 200?

“Adele’s ’21’ Is The First Album by a Woman To Reach 450 Weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart”. Forbes. Retrieved 5 February 2020. ^ McIntyre, Hugh (8 February 2021). “Adele Makes Billboard Chart History (Again) As Her Album ’21’ Reaches A Very Important Milestone”.

What are the top 10 Adele songs of all time?

Top 10 Best Adele Songs of All Time. 1 “Rolling In the Deep” (2010) Courtesy Columbia. “Rolling In the Deep” is the song that turned Adele into a pop superstar in the US. Fusing elements of 2 “Someone Like You” (2011) 3 “Chasing Pavements” (2008) 4 “Hello” (2015) 5 “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” (2016)

Why is Adele’s’21’so popular?

Characterising the success of 21 as “almost political and sort of radical”, Russell stated that the lack of gimmicks in Adele’s music undermined the widespread perception that female performers have to conform to specific body-types, or imbue their music with gratuitous sexual imagery, in order attain success.