Does Columbus own Cinelli?

Does Columbus own Cinelli?

In the west of Milan, the headquarters of Cinelli and Columbus share a compound. Since Antonio Columbo, whose father started Columbus in 1919, bought Cinelli in 1978, they’ve been part of the same family – and the same sense of artistry runs though both brands, albeit in very different ways.

Where is the Cinelli factory?

Milan, Italy
Cinelli (Italian pronunciation: [tʃiˈnɛlli]) is an Italian bicycle manufacturing company based in Milan, Italy, producing mostly road bicycles and components; production is estimated at 80 percent components, 20 percent bicycles.

Where are Cinelli steel frames made?

Cinelli builds its steel framesets in Italy, and offers a variety of paint options. The green Nemo is ready to ship now, and custom colors take a month for the frame or 45 days for a complete bike.

Where is Cinelli Vigorelli made?

Cinelli Vigorelli frame Both the butted Thron frame and Futura fork are made by Columbus, which is part of the same company as Cinelli.

What happened to Cinelli USA?

Cinelli terminates distribution agreement with Cyclone Bicycle Supply. (BRAIN) — Gruppo SRL, the parent company of Cinelli, announced on Dec. 30 that is has decided to terminate its distribution agreement with Cyclone Bicycle Supply for the United States market, effective immediately.

What does Cinelli mean in Italian?

The surname Cinelli came from the surname Cicco, which is found in southern Italy and the Venetian region as a popular and affectionate form of the personal name Francesco, from the German word frankisk which means free.

How much is a Cinelli Vigorelli?


Price GBP £1500.00
Weight 9.59kg (M)
Brand Cinelli

What is Columbus Thron tubing?

Columbus Thron. An all-purpose, high performance tubeset. The formation of carbides prevents the grain enlargement, so the steel maintains it’s properties during brazing and welding, and even in the cold malleable raw state it features excellent mechanical characteristics.

What is the best steel bicycle tubing?

Conclusions. For 70 years Reynolds 531 was the faithful, go-to tubing of choice for almost all quality touring bikes. Because it is less suitable than others for TIG welding its been totally replaced in a market dominated by TIG welded frames from the Far East.

What is Columbus SL tubing?

Columbus SL was used by a majority of the Italian bike industry during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is a high-quality double-butted tube set made of Cyclex Cromo Steel.

What is Columbus Spirit tubing?

The Spirit tube set is the most advanced steel alloy for framebuilding in the Columbus catalogue thanks to the signature chemical composition this lightweight tube set simply has superior mechanical characteristics, combined with a superior resistance to environmental effects.

Is Columbus Thron tubing good?

Very good quality/price ratio. Framebuilder: Excellent mechanical properties together with a good resistance to overheating, without impairing the frame’s resistance to loading during ordinary use. Thron offers short double butted tubes with thinner wall thicknesses: 0. 9 and 0.

What is Columbus tubing made of?

Columbus Tubi is a manufacturer of steel tubing used in bicycle frames, located in Settala, in the Province of Milan.

What is Columbus Zona?

Zona is actually made from the Nivacrom alloy which is more comparable to Reynolds 725. Columbus generally offers a much broader range of tubesets in each of its alloys as well. 853 is a higher tech alloy, with higher specific strength and air/weld hardening properties.

Where is Columbus steel made?

Columbus Tubi is a manufacturer of steel tubing used in bicycle frames, located in Settala, in the Province of Milan. The company was founded in 1919 by A.L. Colombo and was taken over by Colombo’s youngest son, Antonio, in 1977.