How do you mix tempo powder?

How do you mix tempo powder?

To make a 0.025% concentrated solution, mix 10 grams or 2 scoops per 1 gallon of water. To make a 0.05% concentrated solution, mix 20 grams or 4 scoops per 1 gallon of water. When using as an outdoor perimeter treatment, mix 10 to 20 grams or 3 to 6 scoops of Tempo Ultra with 3 gallons of water.

What is the mix ratio for Tempo SC Ultra?

Tempo SC is mixed at a ratio of 8-16ml (1/4 to 1/2 ounce) per gallon of water, please follow the label for further instruction.

How often should I spray tempo?

Re-apply every 7 to 10-days if needed. Add product when filling spray tank with water; shake or agitate mixture. Diluted spray mixture can be stored overnight. Agitate before using.

How much water do I mix with tempo?

Tempo SC Ultra – Advantages

Packaging 240 ml and 900 ml
Active Ingredient (s) Cyfluthrin, cyano 11.8%
For Use : Inside and Outside
Yield Makes up to 30 gallons of finished spay solution for indoors. Treats up to 30,000 sq ft. outdoors.
Mixture|Application 8 ml-16 ml of Tempo concentrate into one (1) gallon of water

How long does it take for Tempo to work?

ft. Tempo SC Ultra has a quick knockdown but does not kill insects instantly. The insect will have to feed on a lethal dose to be killed. Expect the target insect to die anywhere between 1 hour to 24 hours after coming in contact with treated areas.

Can I spray tempo in my house?

Tempo SC Ultra can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, use Tempo SC as a perimeter barrier treatment to the soil, turf, and substrate next to buildings. Treating the foundation of your home, walls, around doors, windows, and soffit areas is also useful because many insects hide in these areas.

Can you spray tempo on plants?

Do not spray Tempo onto any plant you use for food, including herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. Keep children and pets out of sprayed areas until the insecticide dries.

How much tempo do I use per gallon of water?

Add the appropriate amount of product while filling the sprayer with water, and shake to mix. Use 1 Tablespoon (16 milliliters) of Tempo SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate per 1,000 sq. ft. in 1 gallon of water to adequately cover the area being treated, but which will not allow dripping or run off to occur.

How long does it take for Tempo to dry?

about one hour
After about one hour it should be dry … Tempo SC Ultra is considered a general use insecticide and is labeled for outside and inside use. It is odorless, and very safe to use around children or pets.

Will tempo hurt plants?

Answer: Tempo SC Ultra will not harm plants or flowers if sprayed on them and is labeled for use in those areas for a variety of pests.

Can you spray tempo after it rains?

Tempo SC Ultra is best applied when rain is not expected within 24 hours of application so it has time to dry and adhere to the surface it is applied to. Rain before would not effect it just be sure the area is not soaked so it makes contact with the surfaces applied to. 4 of 4 people found this answer helpful.

Can I spray tempo in garden?

Answer: Tempo SC Ultra is not labeled to applied to edible vegetation. We apologize, but we cannot advised for you to eat anything that has been sprayed wit Tempo SC Ultra. You could use a product like Cyonara lawn, Yard and Garden spray to treat for grasshoppers in the garden.

How long does it take tempo to dry?

Can I spray tempo on my house plants?

Answer: Yes, Tempo SC Ultra can be used on indoor plants. The mixing ratio is 8 mL per gallon of water. 3 of 4 people found this answer helpful.

Can you spray tempo inside?

Can you spray tempo on gardens?

How long does tempo dust last outside?

1 year
Assuming the product doesn’t get wet how long is the residual. Tempo Dust can remain effective up to 1 year if left undisturbed.

Can I spray tempo on my lawn?

Tempo SC Ultra is labeled to be used in and around the home and also on lawns. Tempo SC Ultra is a water based product and would dry in the same amount of time as water, about an hour or two.

Will tempo hurt trees?

Answer: Tempo SC Ultra will not kill a fruit tree but is not labeled to be used on any fruit trees. We do carry another product called Bayer Advanced Vegetable and Fruit Spray which contains the same active ingredient Cyfluthrin but in a different formulation which allows it to be used on edible vegetation.

How do I use tempo 20 WP insecticide?

● Makes up to 42 gallons of finished spray solution for indoors. (420 g size) ● Mix the appropriate amount of Tempo ® 20 WP Insecticide with water. ● May tank mix with other pesticides currently registered for similar uses, unless specifically prohibited. ● General surface spot, mist, or crack & crevice application. ● Every 7 to 10 days, if needed.

How do I mix tempo ®?

Mix one level scoop (9.5 g) of Tempo 20 WP per 3.75 L of water to make a 0.05% solution. For severe infestations, mix 2 level scoops (19 grams) of Tempo in 3.75L of water to make a 0.1% solution. 19 g of Tempo ® can treat 100 m 2. Always read and follow complete instructions on the product label before use.

How much tempo ultra WP do I need to mix?

To get a .025% solution of Tempo Ultra WP you need to mix 2 scoops of powder per gallon of water. Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No Is Tempo Ultra WP harmful to animals? Tempo Ultra WP is not harmful to animals or pets as long as you follow the product label instructions.

How do you mix tempo 20 WP with Credo?

As part of Bayer’s darkling beetle control product lineup, this Group 3 insecticide can be rotated with Credo ® (Group 4) as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Mix one level scoop (9.5 g) of Tempo 20 WP per 3.75 L of water to make a 0.05% solution.