What does LOL mean on a text message?

What does LOL mean on a text message?

Laugh Out Loud
In everyday text talk between my roommates and me, I began to notice that the acronym ‘LOL’, which stands for ‘Laugh Out Loud’, was being used in peculiar ways.

What else can LOL stand for?

LOL. Laugh(ing) Out Loud. LOL. Lots of Love.

What type of text is LOL?

LOL, or lol, is an initialism for laughing out loud and a popular element of Internet slang.

How do you write LOL in text?

There are no strict grammar rules when it comes to capitalizing lol. As it’s an acronym, it’s technically correct to capitalize it LOL. But since it’s generally used in informal text speak, you’ll usually see it written as lowercase letters –– lol.

What to say when he says LOL?

Reply with lol. If you’re not sure what to say, just send “lol” back! Then, it’s up to them to figure out if and how to continue the conversation. You could also send “hehehe” or “hahaha.”

How do u reply to LOL?

What does it mean when a girl texts Lol?

When it comes to texts like “lol,” “haha,” and “lmao,” the catch is that they’re often an attempt at being flirty. However, a single-word text never gives off the impression that you’re trying to flirt. That’s why it’s always good to tack on “lol” to the end or beginning of a text, like:

How to respond to LOL in a text message?

An appropriate response to LOL must always hang upon the context of your conversation, as well as on the previous history of your messages. For instance, if the person you are texting with tends to use LOL frequently (like almost in every sentence!), then there is no need for you to respond further.

How many topics to talk to a girl about over text?

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What is the best reply to a LOL?

But the best reply to a “lol” changes the conversation topic with a funny question, story, or move towards a date. Here are some ideas. Questions can change the conversation topic so your guy has more to work with, and you can take the pressure off of him to think of something to talk about.