Is there a FIFA 22 soundtrack?

Is there a FIFA 22 soundtrack?

What songs are on the FIFA 22 soundtrack? The game features two separate soundtracks: one for the main game and one for VOLTA. The main soundtrack features 52 new tracks representing a wide variety of genres, while the VOLTA portion includes 70 songs that deliver a mix of hip-hop, grime and electronic music.

How do you add music to FIFA 21?

Online Submission. The simplest way to go about getting your music in the FIFA 21 Soundtrack is to submit it to EA. Before going down this route, ensure the music you send is of a high quality and has a “FIFA feel”. Listen to some previous FIFA music and see if your tracks seem to fit in with this “FIFA feel”.

How do I put my own music on FIFA?

How to add music and chants to FIFA

  1. Put your music or chants onto a CD or USB stick.
  2. Import the tracks you want onto the music section of your PS3 or Xbox.
  3. Fire up FIFA 13 and go to Customise FIFA > My Music and Chants > Custom Music and Chants.

What FIFA was the song Pompeii in?

By 2016 everyone was well-acquainted with British pop-rock band Bastille, chiefly due to their 2012 hit, ‘Pompeii’. So, when FIFA 17 was released and a Bastille song featured, it was welcomed with open arms.

What songs are on the FIFA 22 soundtrack?

FIFA 22 Soundtrack by EA Music on Apple Music Trepidation (feat. Msafiri Zawose) [Single Edit] Trepidation (feat. Msafiri Zawose) – Single Free My People (feat. Simmy & Kid Cruise)

Where can I find the complete list of FIFA soundtracks?

The complete list of all FIFA soundtracks – EA Trax for FIFA video game series. You can also vote for your best FIFA soundtrack of all time at

What are some of the best FIFA songs?

Chromeo – ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’ (FIFA 11) ‘Don’t turn the lights on, ’cause tonight I want to see you in the dark’. This is hands down the funkiest tune on the any FIFA soundtrack ever made.

Why should you get your track on the FIFA Soundtrack?

For any new artist, getting your track included on the FIFA Soundtrack is a massive step forward. Over the years, the FIFA series has introduced football fans to bands and singers from around the world. The EA Sports game has helped the careers of Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Madeon and Jungle to name but a few.