What do neutrino oscillations suggest?

What do neutrino oscillations suggest?

Neutrino Oscillation These states evolve at different rates so that a later time, the state may acquire some component of a new flavor state, such that if it interacts, it may do so as a flavor state different from its original flavor.

Why is neutrino oscillation important?

Neutrino oscillation is important by itself, but also because it opens a door towards the mass of the neutrino (neutrino oscillation can happen only if neutrinos are massive), thus towards a modification of the Standard Model of particle physics.

What is neutrino oscillation also explain the solar neutrino problem?

The solar neutrino problem, put simply, is the discrepancy that exists between the flux of neutrinos that we predict the sun to emit based on luminosity and energy, versus what we have detected on Earth.

Are neutrinos faster than the speed of light?

Neutrinos Travel Faster Than Light, According to One Experiment | Science | AAAS.

Do neutrinos travel back in time?

Päs: In their own frame the particles always travel forward in time. But for an observer — or a neutrino detector — traveling with a relative speed as compared to the frame where the particle was sent off — the particle travels back in time.

How far away can neutrinos oscillate?

No oscillations were found until the detector was installed at a distance 1–2 km. Such oscillations give the value of the parameter θ13. Neutrinos produced in nuclear reactors have energies similar to solar neutrinos, of around a few MeV. The baselines of these experiments have ranged from tens of meters to over 100 km (parameter θ12 ).

What is the behavior of a neutrino?

Depending on neutrino mixing-angle parameters and masses, a broad spectrum of behavior may arise including vacuum-like neutrino oscillations, smooth evolution, or self-maintained coherence. The physics for this system is non-trivial and involves neutrino oscillations in a dense neutrino gas .

What is the best evidence for neutrino oscillation?

A great deal of evidence for neutrino oscillation has been collected from many sources, over a wide range of neutrino energies and with many different detector technologies. The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was shared by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for their early pioneering observations of these oscillations.

What is the energy of a solar neutrino?

Solar neutrinos have energies below 20 MeV. At energies above 5 MeV, solar neutrino oscillation actually takes place in the Sun through a resonance known as the MSW effect, a different process from the vacuum oscillation described later in this article.