What is the advantages of GSA City Pair flights?

What is the advantages of GSA City Pair flights?

In addition to offering considerable discounts, the City Pair Program allows the federal government maximum flexibility in how it books air travel, with benefits including no cancellation or change fees.

How do I check Amadeus Availability?

Note: The system displays a CLT/MIA availability and an FLL/CLT availability. Enter HEAN for more information….Procedure.

Element Description
19JAN Departure date
0000 Availability default time
** AMADEUS AVAILABILITY ** Return availability
84 Number of days between current date and departure date

What is the city pair program?

The City Pair Program (CPP) was developed to provide discounted air passenger transportation services to federal government travelers. At its inception in 1980, this service covered only 11 markets. The program has since expanded, offering over 12,000 markets in FY22.

Do Airlines make money from the city pair program?

No. Even though the City Pair Program is large, with sales over $2.5 Billion per year, it still represents a very small percentage of the airlines’ business. Unless the commercial traffic warrants it, a carrier will not add a new route or improved service levels (such as nonstop) or larger aircraft for the government

What is the difference between the city pair contract fare and commercial?

Commercial fares are applicable to this portion of the trip and the employee is personally responsible for paying those fares. The City Pair contract fare is only applicable to the portion of the trip from San Francisco, CA, to Atlanta, GA, with the City Pair contract carrier at $159.

How do reservists make city pair fares?

In order to use City Pair fares, reservists must have a GSA SmartPay® Travel Card issued by their commanding officer. Once the official government travel card has been received, reservists must contact the Commercial Travel Office (CTO) at their base or duty station to make travel reservations.