How do I export an image from OsiriX?

How do I export an image from OsiriX?

Images can be exported from Osirix by numerous means. DICOM images can be exported with the Export tool. Selecting Export under the File menu allows you to export to Quicktime, jpeg, raw, tiff, DICOM, email and iphoto. The Burn tool burns files to a CD with the Osirix viewer included so others can view the files.

Does OsiriX work on PC?

Compatible with Mac and Windows PCs.

How do I save a Dicom image?

Export Images from CDR Dicom for Windows

  1. Click on the Image so it is highlighted.
  2. Click Xray/Image.
  3. Click Export.
  4. In the Save As window box, select the location you wish to save the image to.
  5. Type in a file name for the image.
  6. Select JPEG Format as the save as type.
  7. Click Save.

How do I export Rois in OsiriX?

Export the ROI data Go to the plugin dropdown menu, and select export ROI. You do not need to select or activate the ROI’s before doing this. The plugin allows you to choose the filename and location for the file, and to choose between .

How do I open OsiriX?

Download the file. Open your Downloads folder. Double click on the “OsiriX Lite. dmg” file to open it.

How do I Export from DICOM?

Right-click the data you want to export in the Data Properties and Settings panel and then choose Export > As DICOM in the pop-up menu. The Export as DICOM Images dialog appears. Select the images to be exported — All images, Marked images, or Specific images.

How do you use horos?

Patients can use Horos too….Horos for Personal Use

  1. Install Horos.
  2. Insert the media containing your images (CD, DVD, thumb drive) into your computer.
  3. Import the study into Horos.
  4. Examine the study at your leisure.
  5. Delete the images from your computer.

How do I compare studies in Osirix?

Comparing 2 Studies

  1. Open a single series.
  2. Right-click on the corresponding thumbnail to open a second series from same study in a new window.
  3. References lines are displayed.
  4. Hold Ctrl and Alt keys pressed and double-click to display the same point on both series.

Is horos FDA approved?

Both Horos and OsiriX Lite (32-bit) are not FDA approved; however, the paid version of OsiriX is FDA-approved, which may be useful for patient cases in which FDA approval of analyzed data is required.

How to get good 3D surface models from OsiriX?

Creating a separate series just for 3D printing purposes is the secret to getting good 3D models from Osirix. Trying to generate a 3D surface model directly from the 3D Surface Rendering function underneath the 3D Viewer menu is tempting to use, however it will not work well for generating STL files.

What is osirixzip?

application/osirixzip (extension .osirixzip) This is a zip file containing DICOM files. It can be password protected. This kind of files is produced by OsiriX for OS X. OsiriX HD will automatically unzip the file, and import the files in the database.

How to transfer files from computer to OsiriX HD?

File Sharing OsiriX HD supports the File Sharing function of iTunes: you can easily copy files from your computer to your iOS device, through your USB connection. If you need to copy large amount of files, this function is faster than transferring the images through DICOM protocol on a WiFi network.

How do I send DICOM images to another OsiriX device?

That means you can send DICOM images stored on your OsiriX HD database to any DICOM nodes, including another OsiriX HD iOS device, OsiriX for macOS, a DICOM viewer, or a PACS server. To send an entire DICOM series, simply display it in the Viewer. Then press the Send icon, located on the upper right position in the toolbar.