How do you install a clawfoot tub faucet?

How do you install a clawfoot tub faucet?

How to Hook Up a Claw Foot Tub Faucet

  1. Locate the tub’s water supply valves.
  2. Measure and cut any additional piping you will need.
  3. Prepare to hook up your faucet.
  4. Slide the faucet’s base into position against the tub’s surface, keeping it in line with the holes in the tub.

Where does a freestanding tub faucet go?

The faucet should be located 3” to 6” over the rim of the tub, and the controls should be at least 33” from the floor. Mind the splash-zone. The higher the spout is over the rim of the tub, the more likely it is to splash water out of it.

What is a freestanding tub filler?

What Is a Tub Filler? Often called tub spouts or faucets, bathtub fillers are plumbing fixtures that deliver hot and cold water to the bathtub. They typically include knobs or a lever (diverters) for adjusting the temperature and flow of the water.

How does one attach claw feet to a clawfoot tub?

1. You like keeping soap within arm’s reach.

  • 2. You’re envisioning long,hot baths.
  • 3. You have a petite bathroom.
  • 4. You like your hardware streamlined.
  • 5. You have limited patience when it comes to cleaning.
  • 7. Your bathroom is on the second floor.
  • 8. You’re short.
  • 9. You have kids who like to splash.
  • 10. You’re more a showerer than a bather.
  • How to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub?

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  • How to install plumbing for a claw foot tub?

    Re-Route the Supply Lines

  • Set the Tub
  • Install the Stopper Assembly
  • Secure the Pipes
  • Install the Faucet Assembly
  • How to fix a leaky clawfoot bathtub faucet?

    Turn off the main water valve for the house and open the old faucet to equalize the pressure in the pipes.

  • Unscrew the nuts connecting the faucet to the supply pipes with a wrench.
  • Unscrew the nuts holding the faucet to the tub with adjustable pliers.
  • Clean any debris,mold or corrosion from the tub with scouring powder and a sponge.