What are the ingredients of balneum plus cream?

What are the ingredients of balneum plus cream?

The active substances are urea 5% and lauromacrogols 3%. The other ingredients are dimethicone, phenyl dimethicone, liquid paraffin, cetylpalmitate, stearic palmitic acid, octyldodecanol, glycerol 85 %, polysorbate, carbomer, trometamol, benzyl alcohol and purified water. Balneum Plus Cream is a white smooth cream .

What are the side effects of E45?

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: E45 Itch Relief Cream is usually well tolerated, however side e ects may occur which can include a burning sensation, redness, itching, pus, or dermatitis allergic. May cause irritation if applied to broken or inflamed skin.

What is the best ingredient for itchy skin?

Hydrocortisone: The 1 percent strength of this steroid cream, which eases itch by reducing inflammation, is in a slew of OTC itch products, such as Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Ointment, and generics.

What does lauromacrogols do?

Lauromacrogols have the properties of local anaesthetics and soothe and relieve itchy skin. When they are applied together in Balneum Plus Cream they help to lock in moisture and improving the feel and appearance of dry, irritated and itchy skin.

Is balneum cream good?

For eczema this cream is not effective, it only made the affected area worse and sting badly. If you have bad eczema, this cream contains a large amount of chemicals and alcohol which dry the skin and make it feel worse, and even burn.

Does E45 contain urea?

E45 anti-itch cream also contains urea which works by locking in moisture under your skin allowing your dry skin to become more hydrated and unable to further dry out. To ensure the best results from using E45 anti-itch cream you should apply it to your skin immediately after washing your skin.

Can you use E45 on your private parts?

If you are prone to genital symptoms developing after sex, it may help to wash and dry the genital skin shortly after sex. Emollients such as Dermol, E45, Diprobase and Zerobase (many other brands available) can be used as soap substitutes in the bath or shower and can be left on as a moisturiser.

Is E45 toxic?

E45 cream is of low toxicity. If accidental ingestion occurs, conservative treatment only is required. There have been no reports of over dosage with use of this product. Lanolin, light liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin have emollient moisturising properties.

What is urea lauromacrogols?

Urea is a substance that is found naturally in the skin, which by its nature is very attracted to water improving the water content that is absorbed and held within the skin. It is used to help rehydrate dry, scaly skin. Lauromacrogols have the properties of local anaesthetics and soothe and relieve itchy skin.

How often can you use balneum cream?

The cream is designed for use on a daily basis. Apply two times a day to the affected areas.

What is urea Lauromacrogols?

What causes itching in the female groin area?

Itchy genitals can be a symptom of many conditions. These may include vaginal infections in females or jock itch in males. In either sex, itching can be caused by skin irritation, sexually transmitted diseases and allergies.

What ingredients are in E45?

Cream E45 contains three active ingredients white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin and lanolin, which have emollient and occlusive properties. Emollients generally soften the skin and make it smooth, and Occlusives form a layer on the skin surface, and help to prevent water loss. Find out more about Cream E45.