What is a max suit?

What is a max suit?

Strategy Overview The MAX or Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit is a heavy infantry class that is a step-up from the Heavy Assault class. The MAX is considered a vehicle because of its size and weaponry. It can take a massive amount of damage and has some of the most devastating weapons in the game.

What year does Planetside 2 take place?

In the year 2426, acting upon intelligence that suggested imminent and simultaneous attacks, the Earth’s six greatest nations declared war on one another.

Is the universe a mirror?

To preserve the CPT symmetry throughout the cosmos, there must be a mirror-image cosmos that balances out our own. This cosmos would have all opposite charges than we have, be flipped in the mirror, and run backward in time. Our universe is just one of a twin. Taken together, the two universes obey CPT symmetry.

Will time ever flow backwards?

[+] Most importantly, time always appears to run forward, never backwards. In other words, there is a perceived arrow of time, and there is a thermodynamic arrow of time, and they both always point in the forward direction.

Does PlanetSide 2 have a virus?

You probably got the false positive on Planetside 2.exe becasue you have a virius from somwhere else already on your system. Telia will block some worms but it is terrible with trojans and others. The last thing SOE wants to do is give a virus to someone they want to make money off of.

How to be ultra sneaky in PlanetSide 2?

To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Just a guy trying to live an epic life. Planetside 2 is my favorite game since 2012, I own a video production business in Marrakesh, Morocco. Background in CGI and arts.

Is PlanetSide 2 pay to win?

You see in Planetside 2 it was Pay to Win, while being a fun game it took AGES to progress in any way what so ever unless you subbed BUT unlike your standard MMO’s in which you were getting lots of varied content in PS2 you were basically playing a massive version of Battlefield.

Which faction to pick in PlanetSide 2?

There’s no best faction! Just pick whatever you enjoy the idea of the most! New Conglomerate (blue/yellow) = weapons are harder to control, and rely more on headshots and landing your first shot than the guns of other factions, but are brilliant IF you can hit your shots in the right ways.