What is water back up protection?

What is water back up protection?

Water backup insurance provides coverage for damage to your property caused by a clogged sewer line, failed sump pump and backed up drains. It also covers mold damage to your home caused by water or sewer backup.

What is water back up and sump discharge coverage?

Water backup coverage, also called sewer or sump pump backup coverage, is one of the more popular and useful homeowners insurance endorsements that you can add to your policy. It covers your home and personal property in the event of water damage from a sump pump, drain, or sewer overflow or backup.

How do I protect my home from sewage backup?

There are a few preventative measure homeowners can take for sewer backup prevention.

  1. Maintain your sewer lateral.
  2. Dispose of grease properly.
  3. Dispose of paper products properly.
  4. Consider plastic piping.
  5. Correct illegal plumbing connections.
  6. Consider a backwater prevention valve.

What is water back up?

Water backup coverage is a rider that you can add to your home insurance policy that protects against damage to your home or personal property because of water that backups through sewers, drains, and discharges or overflows from a sump, sump pump, or related equipment.

How do you prevent sewer backup in heavy rain?

If you suspect your home is at risk for a sewer backup, make sure your trap plugs are tightly fitted to filter any sludge and debris from floodwaters that pour into your home. It’s also possible to have a backwater check valve installed if the house sewer is for sanitary use only.

Does every house have a backwater valve?

While backwater valves aren’t suitable for every home, consider having your plumbing system inspected by a professional, and — if your home qualifies — having a backwater valve installed. This could help prevent the costly damage the can be caused by a sewer backup.

How much does water backup insurance cost?

Water backup coverage costs anywhere from $30-70 annually for $5,000 of coverage, and $25-35 for each additional $5,000 in coverage that you add to your policy, according to Fabio Faschi, property and casualty team lead at Policygenius. You typically have to pay a deductible

Do I need water backup coverage for my home?

Luckily, most insurance companies offer additional coverage for that too—commonly referred to as water backup coverage. Water backup coverage protects your home and personal property from water damage as a result of sewage or sump pump backups

What is a water or sewer backup endorsement?

A standard water or sewer backup coverage endorsement reimburses you for water damage to the structure of your home or personal property if it’s discharged or overflows from the following: A sump, sump pump, or related equipment, even if the overflow or discharge occurred because of mechanical issues

Does Safeco homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Water Backup Coverage Under Your Homeowner’s Policy According to Safeco, your home is six times more likely to incur damage from water than fire, and that 250 gallons of water can leak from a 1/8″ pipe crack every day.