What should I reply for hmm?

What should I reply for hmm?

Generally, now it becomes a trend to reply with hmm if someone wishes to end the conversation. The best way to make them realize their mistake is to reply with okk, ttyl, bye.

What does hmm ok mean in texting?

The word HMM is usually used in chats and don’t have a definition. HMM generally means that the person is thinking about something you said or asked. Girls often use it a lot. hmm can mean that the person totally agrees with your message and it’s a kind of “yes”.

What should be the reply to girl after hmm?

Hmmm is basically used for taking time before answering or guessing a question like “Hmm……

  • “You’re welcome!”
  • “No worries.” (appropriate if neither of you is Australian, or if you are Australian and she is not, otherwise AVOID.
  • “No problem.”

What should I reply hey?

1 Send “Hey” back for a quick response. 2 Ask “How’s it going?” for a low-stakes opener….Try a casual approach if you’re looking for an easy conversation starter.

  • “Hey, how’s your night going?”
  • “What are you up to today?
  • “Hi, how are you?”

What is Heyy mean?

HEYY means “Hey You.” It is a slang term used as a greeting, similar to “Hi” or “Hello.” “Hey You” is also abbreviated as AYO, EYO, and HEYO.

What does it mean when a girl says OK in text?

“ok…” She is wondering what you mean and what you are talking about. It is almost like asking a question; she wants further explanation.

Does okay mean yes?

Okay is the informal (and somewhat trivial) version of yes, so it is appropriate to use it when agreeing to something, for example, “Would you like to go to the mall?” But when being used as an answer for something that either requires more description or a definitive answer, like “Was there ice cream at the party?” is …

Why do people say “HMM” instead of Yes?

If the answer to a question only needs a “yes” or “no,” then you might find that a “hmm” is used instead of anything else. Also, if someone would rather just acknowledge the answer to a question briefly without having to elaborate too much on it, then “hmm” is used in this way to let the questioner know that nothing more needs to be said.

What does ‘HMM’ mean in text messages?

What does ‘hmm’ mean in text message? Hmm can mean various things. It can mean that someone is thinking about how to answer a question but hasn’t decided on a definite answer yet, and wants to let the person who asked the question know that they heard the question and are thinking about it.

How do you deal with people who say “HMM” in chat?

So, if you face any person’s “Hmmm” on your chat, just casually take the hint and change the topic. Point them out that they are taking a useless amount of time to answer or ignore –

When a girl texts “K” what does it mean?

After she texts “k” it is totally acceptable to ask her “how are you doing?” Or “is everything okay?” If she says “yea” or “nothing’s wrong” that means something is wrong, and you might just wanna give her some space, if you don’t know her well.