Where is the best axis deer hunting in Texas?

Where is the best axis deer hunting in Texas?

Sutton County is quietly becoming one of the hottest gold medal trophy axis deer hunting destinations in Texas. Low hunting pressure and large low fence ranches in this area allows these exotics to thrive into large populations of animals.

How much does it cost to hunt axis deer in Texas?

The cost of an Axis Deer hunt in Texas will range from $250 per person per day to $4000 for a 3 day Axis Deer hunt with loding, guided, meals provided.

Where can you get free axis deer in Texas?

Texas Hill Country
Interested in hunting free range Axis Deer in Texas? Well, look no further than The 507 Ranch. This ranch is loaded with free range Axis Deer. The Texas Hill Country region boasts over 30,000 Axis Deer with our ranch centralized in the heart of this area.

Can you shoot axis deer in Texas?

Axis deer are considered an “exotic” in Texas and there’s no closed season on hunting exotics in Texas. This means you can hunt them year-round, but the best time for axis deer hunting in Texas is from May through September. During this time, the majority of my bigger axis bucks are going to be hard antlered.

What counties in Texas have axis deer?

Axis deer are an exotic species that were introduced from India to the Texas Hill Country in the 1930s. Since their introduction, this species has proliferated in several portions of Gillespie County, adversely impacting native wildlife, particularly white-tailed deer.

Do you need a license to hunt axis deer in Texas?

Although exotic species such as aoudad sheep, axis deer, elk, blackbuck and nilgai antelope are considered nongame species, hunters must have the landowner’s permission and possess a valid hunting license to hunt these animals on private property.

What is axis deer favorite food?

Diet and Nutrition Axis deer are herbivores (graminivores, folivores). Their diet usually consists of grasses, flowers, and fruits, fallen from the trees.

Where can I find axis deer in Texas?

Axis Deer Range in Texas The highest populations of Axis Deer in Texas are now centered around the Edwards Plateau. This is also the are of the State with the highest populations of White-tailed Deer, click this link for a break down of White-tailed Deer Populations in the State of Texas.

How much does an axis deer cost?

It costs between $1,750 and $5,500 to hunt an Axis Buck and between $350 and $800 to hunt an Axis Doe. Some ranches will include 2 nights lodging and an Axis doe after paying the price for a buck.

How do you attract axis deer?

They tend to eat grass and small plants which tend to grow in the low areas. Whitetail like to eat on leaves and such like goats which is why you see them in the brush more, and the axis on the fields more.

Should you shoot a doe with a fawn?

Although the vast majority of fawns are 100-percent weaned, some does will still let their fawns nurse well into the hunting season. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shooting that doe, because remember, her fawns are already weaned.