Which are the backward classes in Karnataka?

Which are the backward classes in Karnataka?

List Of Socially And Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) in Karnataka

  • Ezhavas including Ezhavas, Thiyyas, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava.
  • Muslims (all sections following Islam)
  • Latin Catholics other than Anglo-Indians.
  • Other Backward Christians. SIUC.
  • Other Backward Hindus.

Which are the two Backward Classes Commissions of Karnataka?

1. New awakening in the non-Brahmins after receiving the education. 2. Nonsuitable representation in government jobs.

Who is the present chairman of Backward Classes in Karnataka?

Report of the Karnataka Backward Classes Commission

DC Field Value
dc.contributor.author L.G. Havanur, Chairman Y. Ramachandra, Member K.R. Srinivasulu Nayudu, Member K.M. Naganna, Member A. Masana Chetty, Member Dharamsingh, Member P.T. Habib, Member
dc.date.accessioned 2006-09-22T08:47:28Z 2018-05-30T12:15:48Z

Who is backward class minister of Karnataka?

Sri. Kota Srinivas Poojary

SL.No Name Designation
1 Sri. Kota Srinivas Poojary Hon’ble Minister Backward Classes Welfare Department
2 Dr || Udaykumar Shetty Private Secretary
3 Sri. Dharmappa Special Officer

Which are the castes comes under OBC?

According to the sources, the castes which are likely to find a place in the OBC list include Bhutia, Agrahari, Dosar Vaish, Jaiswar Rajput, Ruhela, Muslim Shah, Muslim Kayastha, Hindu Kayastha, Barnwal, Kamalapuri Vaish, Core Kshatriya Rajput, Dohar, Ayodhyawasi Vaish, Kesarwani Vaish, Bagwan, Omar Bania, Mahour Vaish …

Who was the first President of backward class commission in Karnataka?

Adhering to Article 340 of the Constitution of India, the First Backward Classes Commission was set up by a presidential order on 29 January 1953 under the chairmanship of Kaka Kalelkar. It is also known as the First Backward Classes Commission, 1955 or the Kaka Kalelkar Commission.

Who decides backward classes in India?

Supreme Court interim stay On 29 March 2007, the Supreme Court of India, as an interim measure, stayed the law providing for 27 percent reservation for Other Backward Classes in educational institutions like IITs and IIMs.

Who is the chairman of backward class commission?

National Commission for Backward Classes

Commission overview
Jurisdiction Government of India
Headquarters New Delhi
Minister responsible Virendra Kumar Khatik, Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment
Commission executives Bhagwan Lal Sahni, Chairman Dr. Lokesh Kumar Prajapati, Vice Chairman

Who is eligible for 2A category in Karnataka?

Answer. The families which earn more than Rs 8 lakh per year should are classified as creamy layer. The families that earn less than 8 lakhs per annum are classified as ‘non creamy layer. ‘ This has been proposed by the Central government and the same is followed by Karnataka.

When was the first backward class appointed?

Jan 29th, 1953
The First Backward Class Commission was set up by a Presidential Order under Article 340 of the Constitution of India on Jan 29th, 1953, under the Chairmanship of Shri Kaka Kalelkar (popularly known as Kaka Kalelkar Commission). It submitted its report on March 30th, 1955.

Which was the second backward class commission?

the Mandal Commission
The Government of India had appointed the Second Backward Classes Commission in 1979. It was headed by B.P. Mandal. Hence it was popularly called the Mandal Commission.

Who decides OBC list?

Mandal Commission developed 11 indicators or criteria to identify OBCs, of which four were economic.

Which is higher BC A or BC B?

Both BC-a and BC-b belong to same caste backward class but different sub caste. Both these different sub caste(BC-A and BC-B) differ in terms of reservation percentage. BC-A has less reservation when compared to BC-B.

What is backward class welfare department in Karnataka?

Backward Class Welfare Department​ Karnataka State Backward Classes Commission recommended the State Government to create a separate Secretariat and Ministry for the alround Development of Backward Classes people comprising of about 55% of the State’s total population.

When was the Backward Classes Welfare Department set up?

Accordingly a separate Secretariat called as “Backward Classes Welfare Department” was created 2012 dated: 4th August 2012. The Administrative set up of this Secretariat is as follows:

What is the SC/ST/OBC act in Karnataka?

Government of Karnataka has enacted SC/ST/OBC Act 1990 with effect from 1.6.1992 for enforcing the reservation provided. With a view to ensure proper implementation of reservation provided to Backward Classes under article 15 (4) & 16 (4), guidance bureau is functioning.

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