What are the 7 irons for golf?

What are the 7 irons for golf?

6-iron = 150 yards. 7-iron = 140 yards. 8-iron = 130 yards. 9-iron = 120 yards.

What are the nicknames of golf clubs?


  • Driver: Play club.
  • 2-Wood: Brassie.
  • Higher-lofted wood: Spoon.
  • Fairway wood: Baffing spoon.
  • 1 Iron: Driving iron.
  • 2 Iron: Cleek.
  • 3 Iron: Mid mashie.
  • 4 Iron: Mashie iron.

What are the different types of irons in golf?

Types of Irons For Golf

  • Forged Irons. Forging a club is very similar to what the village blacksmith used to do.
  • Cast Irons. The alternative to forged irons is the cast iron.
  • Blade Irons.
  • Cavity Back Irons.
  • Sets Of Irons.
  • Hybrid Sets Of Irons.
  • Steel Shafts.
  • Graphite Shafts.

What are the four types of irons?

Irons are generally categorized as long irons, mid-irons , and short irons. Long irons are the 2-, 3- ,and 4-irons; mid-irons, the 5-, 6-, and 7-irons; short irons, the 8- and 9-irons and pitching wedge. (Two-irons are becoming obsolete and are exceedingly rare for recreational golfers.

Which iron is the easiest to hit?

From experience, most golfers will tell you that the 7-iron is the easiest club to master. A 5-iron will go further, and you can be on the green in three if you are lucky, but a 7-iron will go at least 120-130 yards, getting you easily on the green in four.

What is a 5 iron called?

Mashie – this is an old name for a golf club used for approach shots. The modern equivalent of this would be the 5-iron club. 14.

What did a 7 iron used to be called?

Todays Comparison of the Old and the New Sets

Modern Name Old Name
5 Iron Mashie
6 Iron Spade-Mashie
7 Iron Lofting-Iron
8 Iron Lofting-Iron

What are the 3 types of golf irons?

Irons are divided into three sets; long irons (2, 3 and 4-irons), mid-irons (5, 6 and 7-irons) and short irons (8 and 9-irons, plus the pitching wedge). Long irons are used to hit the ball further with a shorter loft, while the short irons are designed to produce a higher loft.

How many irons are there in golf?

A modern set of golf clubs typically consists of three woods (the 1-driver, 3, and 5), at least 1 hybrid (3H) seven irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW), and a putter. This gives you a total of twelve clubs.

What is an 11 iron golf club?

The 8 through 11 irons (in Honma’s nomenclature, the 10-iron is a pitching wedge and the 11-iron is a gap wedge) are designed for optimum spin to control the ball when it lands on the green by increasing contact time with the grooves while maintaining forgiveness, Suzuki says.

What is a 10 iron?

The pitching wedge is the lowest-lofted club typically called a wedge. It lies on the cusp between the numbered irons and the wedges (in fact it is sometimes labelled the “10-iron”), and is useful for a variety of short shots from firm or semi-soft lies.

What is a 7 iron used for?

The irons from 5 to 7 are typically called the “mid irons”, and are generally used from the fairway and rough for longer approach shots, between 130-210 yards depending on the club, player and course. They are also used on hillier fairways to avoid hitting a low rise, which is a risk with long irons.

What is a #1 iron called?

10. Driving Iron – the 1-iron, now rendered practically obsolete by more forgiving modern clubs, was known by this name until the 19th century. 11. Mid-mashie – this is the previous name for a golf club which corresponds to the modern 3-iron.

What is a nine iron?

number nine iron in American English noun. Golf. a club with an iron head, the face of which has the greatest slope of all the irons, for hitting the ball with maximum loft; niblick.

How many types of irons are there?

Irons are divided into three sets; long irons (2, 3 and 4-irons), mid-irons (5, 6 and 7-irons) and short irons (8 and 9-irons, plus the pitching wedge).

How many golf irons are there?

A full set of golf clubs consists of twelve clubs: three woods, one wedge, one putter, one hybrid, and six irons. But, do you really need all twelve, and can some golf clubs be downright superfluous for your golf game? Turns out you should use your full set of golf clubs for every game.

The next category of irons is the irons in the range of 5 to 7. Mid irons are common clubs that golfers use on par 3’s and approach shots with 160 yards. That number can fluctuate greatly depending on how much power a golfer has. The average male golfers can hit a 7 iron around 140 yards and a female average is around 120 yards.

What are the most used golf club names?

The Most Used Golf Club Names and Their Uses. 1 1. Driver. Arguably the most famous and well-liked club in the bag is the driver. The driver is also usually the longest club in the bag. A driver is 2 2. Woods. 3 3. Hybrids. 4 4. Long Irons. 5 5. Mid Irons.

What are the different types of golf clubs?

There are several different types of golf clubs in a typical golfer’s bag. In fact, today, there are five categories of clubs: woods (including the driver), irons, hybrids, wedges and putters. What are these clubs? What are the qualities of each type of club, and its uses?

What are the hardest golf irons to hit?

Long irons are generally the hardest irons for beginner golfers to play with because the lack of loft leaves little room for error. A major trend in golf in recent times is to ditch long irons and go for hybrids because they are more versatile. The normal distance that men golfers could hit a 4-iron is around 170 yards and 150 yards for women. 5.