What is GetText Java?

What is GetText Java?

GetText returns the text from the single-line text field. It returns only the first line of a multi-line text field. If you include iStartChar but not iNumChars , GetText returns the text from the iStartChar character to the end of the text.

How do I get JPasswordField text?

Commonly used method of JPasswordField :

  1. char getEchoChar() : returns the character used for echoing in JPasswordField.
  2. setEchoChar(char c) : set the echo character for JPasswordField.
  3. String getPassword() : returns the text contained in JPasswordField.
  4. String getText() : returns the text contained in JPasswordField.

What is JCheckBox in Java?

The JCheckBox class is used to create a checkbox. It is used to turn an option on (true) or off (false). Clicking on a CheckBox changes its state from “on” to “off” or from “off” to “on “.

What is the use of getText in Android?

We have used getText() method to get the text entered in the EditText views. But getText() method returns an Editable instance and therefore we have typecasted it to convert it into String for further use. This can be done by using the toString() method.

What does set text do?

Sets the text for the specified screen element. Your apps will sometimes need to change, or clear, the words displayed on screen elements. setText() can be used to update the text on a button, textInput, textLabel, or textArea.

What happened to getpassword in Java?

The Java documentation explains: Deprecated. As of Java 2 platform v1.2, replaced by getPassword. Fetches a portion of the text represented by the component. Returns an empty string if length is 0. For security reasons, this method is deprecated. Use the getPassword method instead. But what are those security reasons? Any ideas about this?

What is the difference between gettext and getpassword?

When calling getText you get a String (immutable object) that may not be changed (except reflection) and so the password stays in the memory until garbage collected. When calling getPassword you get a char array that may be modified, so the password will really not stay in memory. share|improve this answer.

What does gettext () return in Java?

getText () returns a String, so that String is added (as standard Java behavior) to the pool of Strings. The Pool of Strings is cleaned by the Garbage Collector, but only when it acts (and it cannot be on demand).

What is the return type of getpassword?

getPassword () returns an array of chars. These are not Strings, but array objects, so although they are also deleted when the Garbage Collector wants, they do not remain in any pool and are inaccessible by other java processes.