Who are the stock characters in a pantomime?

Who are the stock characters in a pantomime?

Pantomime stock characters include: the Evil Villain, the Damsel in Distress, the Hero, The Principle Boy (a male character played by a female), and the Pantomime Dame (a female character played by a male).

What are the 5 key elements that make up a pantomime?

The main traditional elements of a pantomime are:

  • Principal Boy.
  • Principal Girl.
  • The Villain.
  • Good/Bad Fairy.
  • Comedy characters.
  • Panto animal.
  • Slapstick scene.
  • Singalong (involving audience)

When did Christmas pantomimes start?

18th century
The peculiarly English-born Christmas pantomime has its beginnings in the 18th century. In the 1720s, entertainments heavily influenced by the Italian commedia dell’arte became increasingly popular thanks to their crowd-pleasing mix of humour, mime, spectacle and dance.

Why is the Principal Boy played by a girl?

A ‘boy’ in panto came to mean an actress who did not impersonate a man but who retained her femininity in the role, wore short and flattering costumes and could draw attention to her legs by giving them the occasional slap. Over the years, the tradition has waxed and waned.

What is the Principal Boy in a pantomime?

Meaning of principal boy in English In pantomime, a principal boy role is the young male protagonist of the play, traditionally played by a young actress in boy’s clothes.

When was the first pantomime in the UK?

By the early 18th century, Commedia characters began to appear on the London stage in early pantomimes which were based on classical stories, set to music but without speech. Harlequin was the star of 18th century pantomime, which proved popular with paying audiences.

Why is it called a pantomime?

The word pantomime was adopted from the Latin word pantomimus, which in turn derives from the Greek word παντόμιμος (pantomimos), consisting of παντο- (panto-) meaning “all”, and μῖμος (mimos), meaning a dancer who acted all the roles or all the story.

Why is the principal boy played by a girl?

What was the first pantomime?

Tavern Bilkers, by John Weaver, the dancing master at Drury Lane, is cited as the first pantomime produced on the English stage.

Why do girls play boys in panto?

How do you play principal boy?

Playing Principal Boy

  1. Invest in a vocal steamer!
  2. Warm up thoroughly.
  3. Form a strong bond with your principal girl.
  4. Pick out your ‘audience moments’.
  5. Berocca….
  6. Find your cheats…
  7. Don’t generalise your role.
  8. Enjoy every second of it.