Is duck hunting good in New York?

Is duck hunting good in New York?

Various waterfowl habitats — including inland wetlands, Lake Champlain, the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and the Niagara River — and abundant public land give New York a solid A grade. The state is somewhat unique because it splits waterfowl seasons to allow great early-, mid- and late-season hunting.

Where can I go duck hunting in NY?

Places to Hunt Waterfowl

  • Western Zone.
  • Southeastern Zone.
  • Northeastern Zone.
  • Lake Champlain Zone.
  • Long Island Zone.

Can you shoot a duck on the water in NY?

With that rule of thumb in mind, New York’s Environmental Conservation Law recognizes and specifies that when hunting waterfowl and shooting over water, discharge of firearms within 500 feet of a dwelling is allowed.

Where can I duck hunt on Long Island?

The Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation also has six areas that are open to waterfowl hunting. These include Theodore Roosevelt (Montauk), Cedar Point (Sag Harbor), Hubbard (Flanders), and Southaven (Yaphank) County Parks.

Where is the best duck hunting in the world?

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

  • Great Salt Lake, Utah.
  • Upper Mississippi River.
  • Chesapeake Bay.
  • Southern Ontario.
  • Mississippi Delta.
  • ACE Basin, South Carolina.
  • Missouri Confluence Area.
  • Northwestern Washington.

Can you duck hunt the Hudson River?

I would suggest that you be careful if you are not hunting along the Long Island shoreline, the Hudson River or on one of New York’s larger water bodies. People may not take kindly to hearing shots coming from the direction of the BBQ pit. Duck hunting here in the Hudson Valley is wrapped up until next season.

How many boxes of shells do you need for duck hunting?

For ducks I usually bring two boxes.

Can you duck hunt in Nassau County?

Hunting on Long Island is done in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The island is heavily urbanized in the west, gradually becoming less so as you travel east.

How many ducks can I shoot in NY?

*The daily limit of 6 ducks includes all mergansers and sea ducks (scoters, eiders, and long-tailed ducks) and may include no harlequin ducks and no more than 2 mallards (1 of which may be a hen), 3 wood ducks, 2 black duck, 1 pintail, 1 scaup (except 2 may be taken during the 20 days described in the seasons table), 2 …

What do I need to hunt waterfowl in NY?

You do not need a federal migratory bird hunting stamp to hunt coot, crow, rail, gallinule, snipe, or woodcock. If you are 16 years or older and hunt waterfowl (ducks, geese, and brant), you need a federal migratory bird hunting stamp (“duck stamp”).

Where can I go duck hunting in New York?

New York, United States • Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures offers wild duck and goose hunts in New York State. Situated directly in the Atlantic flyway along the Hudson River, our waterfowl hunts are second to none. Our 3000 acres of private hunting land provides ducks and geese the ideal balance of fields, ponds and food sources.

What kind of ducks do we hunt on the farm?

In addition to quality goose hunting, our farms are frequented by large flocks of Mallards and Black Ducks. Action can be fast and furious as flocks of several hundred ducks buzz the decoys.

How much does it cost to hunt goose in New York?

All New York hunts are per person per day and require a $100 per person per day deposit, with Northern Zone Goose hunts being the exception. Northern Zone Goose hunt deposits will be $75/$50/$25 per person based on amount of hunters in party.