What is a autobiography example?

What is a autobiography example?

An autobiography is the story of the life of a person, written by that person himself, for example, Mahatma Gandhis My Experiments with Truth. An autobiography can be identified easily, as its written in the first person point of viewpoint, the writers, I, me, and myself.

How do I write autobiography about myself?

How Do You Start an Autobiography?

  1. Define your purpose for writing your autobiography.
  2. As you write your draft, always consider your audience.
  3. Generate ideas for your autobiography and put it in writing.
  4. Choose the important stories you want to be part of your autobiography.
  5. Complete an outline for your draft.

How do you write a short autobiography?


  • Order your sections (from medium to high interest)
  • Order the ideas in each section (from medium to high interest)
  • Write three questions to answer in each section
  • Choose a starter sentence
  • Complete a title template
  • Write your autobiography!
  • How to write a short formal autobiography?

    Identify the Audience. Identify the objective of your autobiography and its target demographic.

  • Tell Your Story. Make a list of personal facts about yourself such as when and where you were born,where you went to school,who your mentors were,what events
  • Describe our Credentials.
  • Mention Your Future Goals.
  • Get a Sense Check.
  • How to start writing an autobiography?

    Usually written in chronological order

  • Uses time connectives such as before,then,after that,finally,etc
  • Uses the names of real people and events
  • Is specific about times,dates,places,etc
  • Includes personal memories and specific details and descriptions
  • Reflects on how positive and negative experiences shaped the author
  • How to correctly write an autobiography?

    – Your autobiography doesn’t have to begin with your birth. You may want to include some family history as well. – What happened when you were a teenager? What led you to make the decisions you made? – Did you go to college? – Write about your career, your relationships, your children, and any big life-altering events that occurred.