Where is the 31st Ward in Pittsburgh?

Where is the 31st Ward in Pittsburgh?

1202 Muldowney Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
1202 Muldowney Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207, entrance and parking is on Cooley Way. We have regular updates and representatives from Pittsburgh Police Zone 4, the Mayor’s office, and the Councilman’s office.

Is Squirrel Hill a suburb of Pittsburgh?

Squirrel Hill is a residential neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The city officially divides it into two neighborhoods, Squirrel Hill North and Squirrel Hill South, but it is almost universally treated as a single neighborhood….Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh)

Squirrel Hill North
• Density 9,300/sq mi (3,600/km2)

What Ward is South Side Pittsburgh?


Municipality: City of Pittsburgh
County District 11 Council Representative Paul Klein
County District 11 Wards: 7: Shadyside 14: Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Frick Park 15: Hazelwood and Greenfield 16: Parts of South Side 31: Hays, Lincoln Place
County District 12 Council Representative Robert Palmosina

Where do the wealthy live in Pittsburgh PA?

They are Mars, Bradford Woods, Wexford, Gibsonia, Cranberry, Bairdford (population 471) and Sewickley. Four such tony communities are in the South Hills — Presto, Venetia, Upper St. Clair and Mount Lebanon. Harrison City and tiny Ardara (population 295) in Westmoreland County also topped $100,000 in median income.

What is the West Side of Pittsburgh?

The term “West End” is also used to refer to the surrounding region, which includes the West End Valley in addition to western neighborhoods Sheraden, Elliott, Windgap, Esplen, Ridgemont, Westwood, Oakwood, East Carnegie, Chartiers City, Fairywood, Crafton Heights, and Banksville.

What neighborhood is Pittsburgh in?

DowntownNorth ShoreStrip DistrictSouth OaklandMount WashingtonShadyside

What Pittsburgh Ward is Squirrel Hill?

What Ward is Polish Hill in Pittsburgh?

12th Ward | Historic Pittsburgh.

What are the ZIP codes for the Pittsburgh Post Office?

Only some of the Pittsburgh Post Office Zip Codes are City of Pittsburgh & School District of Pittsburgh Zip Codes. ALL OF: 15201 – 15203 – 15206 – 15207 – 15208 – 15211 – 15213 – 15217 – 15219 – 15222 – 15224 – 15230 – 15232 15233 – 15240 – 15258 – 15260 & 15282

What is the address for the city of Pittsburgh PA?

Part of the 31st Ward, City of Pittsburgh is addressed Munhall PA 15120 Part of the 28th Ward, City of Pittsburgh is addressed Carnegie PA 15106 NOTE: A Post Office Box is not a place of residence, employee address is the residence.

What are the 15203 and 15204 parts of Pittsburgh?

15203 ALL CITY OF PITTSBURGH (SOUTHSIDE) 15204 PART CITY (SHERADEN, ELLIOTT, ESPLEN & BROADHEAD) Part Ingram Borough 15205 PART CITY (CRAFTON HEIGHTS) Part Crafton, Ingram & Thornburg Boroughs and Townships of Kennedy & Robinson 15206 ALL CITY OF PITTSBURGH (EAST LIBERTY, MORNINGSIDE & EAST END) Small part is Penn Hills Township