Who was in Robben Ford and the Blue Line?

Who was in Robben Ford and the Blue Line?

Robben FordLou PardiniJimmy EarlBrannen Temple
Robben Ford & The Blue Line/Members

Is Robben Ford a man or a woman?

Robben Ford is a man with an identity problem. But not in the way one might think. The many fans of the talented blues guitarist and singer are well aware of his work–with Joni Mitchell, the Yellowjackets, George Harrison and Michael McDonald, to name just a few.

Is Robben Ford married?

Anne Kerry FordRobben Ford / Spouse (m. 1985)Anne Kerry Ford is an American cabaret singer and actress. Wikipedia

Where does Robben Ford live now?

As of 2018, this long-time Californian has relocated to Nashville in search of new musical inspiration. Embraced by the local scene and fellow guitar master, Vince Gill, Ford is happy to find a new home in this eclectic musical melting pot.

How old is Robben Ford?

70 years (December 16, 1951)Robben Ford / Age

What is Robben Ford’s best album?

The best album credited to Robben Ford is Tiger Walk which is ranked number 23,211 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 39. Robben Ford is ranked number 6,701 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 100.

Did Robben Ford play with Steely Dan?

Tom Scott is a renowned composer, arranger, producer, music director, saxophonist and educator. His 33 solo recordings have earned him 13 Grammy nominations and 3 Grammy awards.

Is Robben Ford moving to Paris?

So, I thank them for the lessons that I learned at a very early age, it was helpful.” Having called Nashville home since 2018, Robben is in the process of permanently relocating to Paris with the intention of starting a new chapter in his life and career.

When did Robben Ford play with Miles Davis?

“This is the great lesson I learned playing with Miles Davis,” says Robben Ford, who toured with Davis in 1986.

What speakers does Robben Ford use?

The cabinet houses a pair of Celestion G12-65 8-ohm speakers. Given that Ford plays top-shelf guitars and amps, his tone does not need much help in the pedal department. Ford uses a Vertex pedalboard designed by Mason Marangella in 2013.

Who played the guitar solo in my old school?

Jeff Baxter
The original studio track features a guitar solo by Jeff Baxter.

Who plays sax on black cow?

Musicians on this version

Musician Instrument
1 Ari Ambrose Tenor saxophone
2 Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery Background vocals
3 Cornelius Bumpus Saxophone
4 Donald Fagen Keyboards