Does Bognor Regis flood?

Does Bognor Regis flood?

Readers have shared their photos showing the extent of the flooding in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas today. Heavy rainfall has led to widespread flooding in Sussex, with Sussex Police warning motorists this morning to avoid travelling if possible.

Is the River Teme flooding?

River levels are currently high but steady at the Ludlow (Teme) river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall. Consequently, flooding of roads and farmland is still possible.

Is there flooding in Tenbury Wells?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area.

Is Chichester prone to flooding?

In many places there are good standard flood defences in place, and therefore the amount of floods experienced in the Chichester District are hugely reduced. Maintenance of flood defences is never guaranteed however, and so the flood maps illustrate a worst case scenario.

Is Horsham prone to flooding?

Many properties in southern and eastern Horsham are located on a floodplain that is prone to riverine flooding as well as flash flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. It can take up to four days for the peak of the flood to reach Horsham from the upper catchment.

How high is the River Teme?

The river is the 16th longest river in the United Kingdom. It falls from a height of about 450 metres above sea level at its source to just 14 metres above sea-level at its confluence with the River Severn. The Teme has in recent times often burst its banks.

What year did Chichester flood?

Between Christmas Day 1993 and January 10, 1994 a foot of rain fell on Chichester. The result was a flow on the Lavant four times larger than normal. Floods can last for many days because the river is fed by natural chalk aquifers which overflow following heavy rain.

Does West Sussex flood?

The risk of flooding is an increasingly important issue across West Sussex, with over 100,000 properties at risk. The coastline of the county is generally low-lying and many of our towns and villages are located near rivers.

Does the River Arun flood?

West Sussex flooding in pictures: River Arun bursts its banks.

Can you swim in the River Teme?

Nice quiet spot in the summer at the joining of the River Teme and River Clun for a swim or a paddle. The River Teme lazily winds it’s way towards the site through a lovely green meadow and is mainly warm, clear and shallow.

How clean is the River Teme?

The Teme is a clean river and after many years of decline the population of otters is recovering, but obstructions keep salmon numbers at a low level.