How do I complain to BBMP garbage?

How do I complain to BBMP garbage?

Contact Information

  1. Phone: 080-22660000.
  2. Address: N.R Square, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002, India.
  3. Email: [email protected].

What is SWM in BBMP?

Bengaluru: The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is planning to establish four integrated solid waste management (SWM) facilities spread across 100 acres on the outskirts of the city.

What does BBMP do with dry waste?

BBMP today generates XYZ TPD of Dry waste. The dry waste from domestic generators (other than bulk waste generators) is collected at least twice or thrice a week by the auto tippers at the doorstep. And it is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable non –biodegradable waste.

How do I dispose of diapers in Bangalore?

How do I dispose sanitary pads, diapers, condoms/soiled cotton?? They should be wrapped in a newspaper, marked with a red cross, and given everyday to the BBMP.

How does BBMP manage waste?

BBMP has a fleet of 4646 Auto Tippers (Primary Collecting Vehicles) deployed for door to door collection. 618 Compactors deployed for collecting and transporting waste from secondary collection points (Transfer Stations) in order to ensure 100% door to door collection.

How do you dispose of dog poop in Bangalore?

The instruction on disposing pet waste for many apartment communities in Bengaluru is, ‘Wrap the pet poop in a newspaper and give it as reject waste, along with your regular sanitary waste/domestic hazardous waste’.

Is sanitary pads wet or dry waste?

Sanitary pads, tampons, and other menstrual hygiene products are categorised as ‘dry municipal waste’ under the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Bangalore?

Donate to a nearby ashram, orphanage. Any of your staff ( provided they have that much space to keep the mattress ), a person in need would be happy. Bbmp: The garbage collector, but then some might dispose it for money.

How do I lodge an ACB complaint?

More information can be obtained even on phone through the Toll Free numbers: 1800 233 44444 or 1064. The complaint can be filed with the Deputy Superindendent of Police or Inspector of Police. It can even be presented to the senior officers at the Head Office of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

How do I complain about drainage overflow in Bangalore?

  1. Official Website of GoK.
  2. Corona Related Information.
  3. 24×7 Helpline : 1916.
  4. Septic Tanks / Sewers : 14420.

Where does the waste in Bangalore go?

But with the closure of the landfill, real estate has slowly picked up in the area, with some apartment complexes coming up. The BBMP is now sending most of the mixed waste to a quarry in Bellahalli. Since September 2016, it has been sending about 300 truckloads of waste every.

How is Bbmp collecting and disposing the waste in Bangalore?

The BBMP will provide for daily collection of wet waste at the gate or doorstep or at the nearest common access point. The BBMP has also instructed people to unload wet waste directly into the bins or vehicles brought to the citizens’ doorstep or the nearest access point.

How do I dispose of old period pads?

Here are a few tips on how ladies can go about it: 3 Flip the pad upside down and open it to separate the stained part from the other side that prevents the panties from stained to get the inside tissue. 4 Dispose of the tissue in the water closet or any toilet of your choice.

How do I dispose of a sofa in Bangalore?

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What is Bengaluru Solid Waste Management Ltd (BBMP)?

“The Bengaluru Solid Waste Management Ltd will be set up to handle waste collection, processing and transportation, and management of waste-to-energy plants. The BBMP is burdened with various responsibilities and a focused approach is required for waste management.

Who is responsible for waste management in Bengaluru city?

The organization responsible for waste management in Bengaluru city is Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). BBMP dumping of waste into the nearby village has led to a severe challenge to the residents of Mavallipura villagers. Many residents of Mavallipura have either sold their property or remained as fallow land.

Will BBMP form a separate board for solid waste management?

BENGALURU: With the garbage burden increasing, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike ( BBMP) will submit a proposal to the government to form a separate board/entity for solid waste management in the city.

What is the role of Karnataka BBMP?

The BBMP is burdened with various responsibilities and a focused approach is required for waste management. It is being set up on the recommendations of various groups. The BBMP will have a 51% stake in the company and the Government of Karnataka will have 49%,” he said.