How good is Primewell tires?

How good is Primewell tires?

Primewell tires may be safe in most conditions, but they are far from the best choice for aggressive driving through the corners. Push them harder, and the tires will quickly lose grip. Moreover, due to the smoother ride quality, the tires aren’t overly responsive – the steering feel isn’t great.

Are Primewell tires Chinese?

Primewell is a brand under Singapore-based Giti Tires. As such, Primewell tires are made in the same factories as Giti, and its other sub-brands. As the 11th-largest tire maker in the world, they have facilities in China, Indonesia, and South Carolina.

Are Primewell tires cheap?

They are cheaper than other brands, but not dirt cheap like similar tires manufactured in China. You can expect Primewell to cost less than Bridgestone or Michelin tires, but not as cheap as the tires from lesser known brands.

Who manufactures Primewell?

Primewell Tire began in 1951, and is produced by GITI Tire, a global tire manufacturer that specializes in high quality, high performance tires. Primewell’s mission is to provide customers with high-performing tires at an affordable price.

Are Primewell ps830 and ps850 tires any good?

The PS830 and PS850 are sold as all-season tires, meaning they should be good in summer and winter. Primewell also tweaked the tread by adding open shoulders and claims that they would enhance performance throughout the year. On the performance side of things, the PS830 and PS850 have a few features worth mentioning.

Are Primewell tires any good?

This is a sub-brand of Firestone that positions itself as a cheaper option, something people on a tight budget will like. The tires get some of Firestone’s technology, but don’t expect them to be as good. In Primewell’s lineup, you have the PS830 and PS850, designed to be all-season touring tires.

How do the ps830 and ps850 behave on dry tarmac?

The PS83 and PS850 have an Advanced Variable Pitch Tread Depth, a technology designed to enhance ride quality and reduce noise levels. How does it behave on dry tarmac? In dry conditions, the PS830 and PS850 are decent enough to be called safe, as long as you don’t expect them to do wonders.

Is Primewell Valera H/T any good?

With high quality, Primewell Valera H/T has a pretty grippy design and works well in all types of terrain. On dry roads, at the same time, on uneven roads, this product still ensures stable operation to move smoothly. In addition, the ability to operate on the road is also quite good, even in wet road conditions.