What does the Bocage mean?

What does the Bocage mean?

Definition of bocage 1 : countryside or landscape (as of western France) marked by intermingling patches of woodland and heath, small fields, tall hedgerows, and orchards. 2 : a supporting and ornamental background (as of shrubbery and flowers) for a ceramic figure.

Where is the Bocage?

Northern France
Bocage (UK: /bəˈkɑːʒ/, US: /ˈboʊkɑːʒ/ BOH-kahzh) is a terrain of mixed woodland and pasture characteristic of parts of Northern France, Southern England, Ireland, the Netherlands and Northern Germany, in regions where pastoral farming is the dominant land use.

Where are Bocage shoes made?

The French creator. 20% of collections are made in France, on the production lines of Bocage’s workshops in the heart of the Maine and Loire region. Bocage focuses on offering perfection with its keen eye for detail.

What was the Battle of Villers Bocage Honours 1956?

In 1956 and 1957, the British and Commonwealth system of battle honours recognised participation in the Battle of Villers-Bocage by the award to 11 units of the battle honour Villers Bocage, for service in expanding the bridgehead from 8–15 June.

How many Lancasters were in Villers Bocage WW2?

The town of Villers-Bocage, photographed during the bombing raid on 30 June 1944. Six Avro Lancasters are visible. On 14 June, the 22nd Armoured Brigade group formed an all round defensive position, a “brigade box”, in the Amayé-sur-Seulles– Tracy-Bocage –St-Germain area to overlook Villers-Bocage.

Is Villers Bocage surrounded by the Germans?

Villers-Bocage is completely encircled by the Germans. The first Tiger tanks are ambushed and are engaged at short range, notably by a Sherman Firefly commanded by Sergeant Bramall and an anti-tank gun that destroyed the first tank.

What happened to Ritgen at Villers Bocage?

Bayerlein confirmed Ritgen’s orders, but as Ritgen’s tanks moved towards Villers-Bocage they ran into a screen of British anti-tank guns, losing one tank that burst into flames. A group of four Panzer IVs then entered the town from the south; the lead two tanks were knocked out and the others withdrew.