What is best for boundary wall?

What is best for boundary wall?

Tap into one of these decorative compound wall materials to give your home’s boundary wall a striking face lift

  1. Stone tiles.
  2. PVC boards.
  3. Cement plaster.
  4. Wood planks.
  5. Metal.
  6. Bricks.

How do you build a strong boundary wall?

Soil conditions It is very important to build a proper foundation for the freestanding boundary wall. As the outer wall does not have any other support, then make sure to add good quality steel reinforcement bars. Moreover, as a general rule, create a wider and deeper foundation for a strong and stable boundary wall.

What are compound walls?

Compound wall means a wall separating two independent plots. It may be built by the two neighbours jointly. Sample 1Sample 2. Compound wall means an enclosure, including gate/gates, constructed with any material within/along/around the boundaries of a property; Sample 1.

How is a boundary wall constructed?

Construction of Brick Boundary Wall. ~ Firstly the area is excavated up to the depth of 4′ – 5′. ~ Soil is uniformly compacted at the bottom of the excavation. Then, a brick flat soling is laid at the lowermost part.

What is the standard height of boundary wall?

Standard height of boundary wall Boundary wall or compound wall or Garden wall made of bricks combine with cement mortar. In india, generally standard height of boundary wall should be ranging between 4ft to 8ft or 1m to 2.4m. Their minimum height should be 4 to 6 feet and maximum upto 8 feet.

What is the rate of boundary wall?

The cost of a precast compound wall typically starts from Rs. 90 per sqft (i.e., approximately Rs 600 per Rft) excluding MS gate.

Can Neighbour use my boundary wall?

Your neighbour cannot use your boundary wall as his own. You can file a civil suit and take appropriate action under the code of criminal procedure. This is your property and your neighbour cannot drill and cause any kind of harm to your boundary wall.

What width should boundary walls be?

Standard thickness of boundary wall In india, As Garden fencing or house boundary wall made of bricks combine with cement mortar, generally, on average, minimum thickness of boundary wall or compound wall should be 8 to 9 inches or 200 to 230mm thick.

What is boundary wall called?

A perimeter wall can also be called a boundary wall.

What is the cost of wall?

Depending upon the quality of brick and mortar used a construction of brick wall without plastering and painting can cost Rs 60 to 110 /square foot in India, if you want to construct 4.5” wall, it will cost you 64 Rs per sq ft and for 9” wall 108 Rs per square foot.

Do you need plans for a boundary wall?

Do you Need Plans for a Boundary Wall? As long as your boundary wall is less than 1.8 metres high, it is considered to be a Minor Building Work and thus, plans are not required. Keep in mind though, you will still need to get permission from your local building authority before you begin.

How much sand and cement do I need for 1000 bricks?

1000 bricks = 3 bags cement + 0.6m3 sand.

Why boundary walls are important for your home?

Boundary walls are important to be designed in such a way that it showcases how a home looks from inside beautiful and attractive. The front boundary wall design of house carries a lot of importance. Front boundary wall designs are the special creative and fancy designs so that your property can look pretty even from the outdoors.

What is the best boundary design for Your House?

This compound wall design is most suitable if you want both security and beauty when you are deciding a perfect boundary design for your house. Picket fences is one of the most popular compound wall designs, especially in Europe, USA and Canada. This boundary design with picket fences does not give you privacy as they are not completely visible.

What is outer boundary wall design for home simple compound walls?

Outer boundary wall design for home simple compound walls designs best facade outer boundary wall design for home compound walls protect your home made by iron and cement simple and eye catching designs of wall and gate.

What is the latest design of compound wall?

This the unique and latest design of the compound wall which looks really modern to the house. The Boundary wall design also looks very wonderful and aesthetic with the front space after planting the beautiful plants in it. These colour tones are fresh and bright which highlights the design beauty of this boundary wall.