What is Buklog dance?

What is Buklog dance?

Buklog is an elaborate thanksgiving ritual system of the Subanen, an indigenous people in the southern Philippines. The head of a host family, usually a village chief called ‘timuay’, plans the ritual system to express gratitude to the spirits.

What are the Subanen dance?

The tribe had identified four Subanen dances. The study showed that the authenticity of these dances, classifies and describes them based on the basic elements and factors that influence folk dances. These dances are classified as ritual, religious, imitative, festival, and courtship dances.

What are the 5 Subanen culture?

The known subgroups are due to linguistic variations: (1) Misamis, (2) Lapuyan, (3) Sindangan, (4) Tuboy, and (5) Salug. The cultural adaptation is upland and swidden cultivation.

How is Buklog preparation made?

Buklog Rites Prior to the ritual, an announcement is made through a continuous sound of the agung (gongs). The timuay and the balyan collect materials from the forest, including the logs that will be used. The buklogan, or the raised platform of wood and bamboo where the dancing takes place, is 10 to 30 feet high.

Why is the Buklog ritual dance of the Subanen celebrated Brainly?

The most expensive ritual of the Subanon, the buklog is held to commemorate a dead person, so that his acceptance into the spirit world may be facilitated, or to give thanks for a bountiful harvest, or to ask for such a harvest as well as other favors from the diwata.

Why do they perform Buklog?

Noted as a ceremonial platform and a sacred social space for rituals, Buklog is performed to appease and express gratitude to the spirits for many reasons such as a bountiful harvest, recovery from sickness or calamity, or acknowledgement of a new leader.

What is Pendupi?

Based on their native methods of meteorology, the Subanon identify three distinct seasons within the agricultural cycle: pendupi, from June to September, characterized by winds blowing from the southwest; miyan, from December to January, a time of winds and northeast monsoon rains; and pemeres, from March to April, the …

Why is Buklog under threat?

It notes that these threats include the influx of migrants from other parts of the country who bring their own culture and the influence of the Christian religion, which prohibits the holding of the ritual due to its animist context.

What is Asik dance?

The Asik is a solo slave dance from Mindanao that is usually done before the performance of singkil. The umbrealla-bearing attendant performs this dance to win her sultan master’s favor. In the Muslim area in the Philippines the dance is usually performed by the lady-in-waiting to the daughter of the Sultan.

What is Pendupi and Pemeres?

What is Daga Subanen?

Ritual—Daga-salangsang: The community gathers and places nipa leaves in a circle to ward off bad spirits. An offering of boiled egg, betel nut chew, and cooked rice are placed on a tapi. Chicken blood is placed in an antique bowl and the Balian taps on it to summon beneficial spirits.

What is a buklog ritual?

Other buklog rituals are associated with the important events of the Subanen. Central to this ritual is the balyan (ritualist, spiritual leader) assisted by the thimuay.

What is the Balyan buklog?

Central to this ritual is the balyan (ritualist, spiritual leader) assisted by the thimuay. They perform a series of rituals leading to the construction of a buklogan, the centerpiece of the buklog ritual where the gbat (trance dancing) is done by community members and visitors.

Is the Subanen ritual buklog an intangible cultural heritage?

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) National Commission of the Philippines nominated the Subanen ritual buklog for listing in the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Safeguarding.

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