What is the default scale type for ImageView in android?

What is the default scale type for ImageView in android?

FIT CENTER (Default) If the asset is bigger than the ImageView , it is scaled down until both horizontal or vertical dimensions reach the edges of the ImageView . If the asset is smaller than the ImageView , it is scaled up until one of the horizontal or vertical dimensions reaches the edges of the ImageView .

What is ScaleType?

ScaleType options are used for scaling the bounds of an image to the bounds of the image view. ScaleType configuration properties for ImageView in Android are CENTER, CENTER_CROP, CENTER_INSIDE, FIT_CENTER, FIT_END, FIT_START, FIT_XY and MATRIX.

Which class is used for ImageView?

ImageView class is used to display any kind of image resource in the android application either it can be android. graphics….XML Attributes of ImageView.

XML Attribute Description
android:layout_width To set the width of the image
android:layout_height To set the height of the image

What is adjust view bounds?

android:adjustViewBounds—If set to true, the attribute adjusts the bounds of the ImageView control to maintain the aspect ratio of the image displayed through it. android:resizeMode—The resizeMode attribute is used to make a control resizable so we can resize it horizontally, vertically, or around both axes.

What is ImageView in Android Studio?

Displays image resources, for example Bitmap or Drawable resources. ImageView is also commonly used to apply tints to an image and handle image scaling.

How do I use Imageswitcher on android?

This is supported by android in the form of ImageSwitcher. Animation in = AnimationUtils. loadAnimation(this,android. R….Android – Image Switcher.

Sr.No Method & description
2 setImageResource(int resid) Sets an image with image switcher. The image is passed in the form of integer id

What is translateX?

The translateX() CSS function repositions an element horizontally on the 2D plane. Its result is a data type.