Where is the train station at FCO?

Where is the train station at FCO?

To find the train station, once you’re at the airport and have your bags, head to Terminal 3 and follow the signs for the station, the walk should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

How much is the train from Rome airport to Rome?

Rome Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini by train

Journey time From 32m
Price From €4
Distance 15 miles (24 km)
Frequency 71 trains per day
First train 06:08

How far is Rome from Rome airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) to Rome is 15 km. It takes approximately 20 min to drive from Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) to Rome. How do I get a bus ticket from Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) to Rome?

What is the nearest airport to Rome?

What Rome attractions should I book in advance?

  • Do I need a guided tour of Rome or the Vatican?
  • To and from Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci airport (FCO),including night transportation
  • To and from Civitavecchia (Port)
  • To and from Ciampino airport (CIA)
  • Day trips from Rome: Pompeii,Naples,Sorrento,Capri and Amalfi Coast
  • How to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome?

    Private transfer on Mercedes. Website: www.rome4.us You can order a private transfer from our website for 50 euro.

  • By Train. There are two types of trains that can take you to the city center of Rome.
  • By bus. You can buy a ticket online in advance,so before your departure,you will not have to wait in a queue.
  • Taxicab.
  • Uber.
  • Rent a car.
  • What train station is closest to Rome?

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