Why was colonel Mackenzie famous for?

Why was colonel Mackenzie famous for?

Mackenzie was a Scottish army officer in the British East India company who became the first Surveyor General of India. It was he who produced the first authentic geographical map of south India. He recorded local histories, inscriptions, religious practices, festivals and social etiquette.

Who was Colin Mackenzie mention his importance in Indian history?

Colin Mackenzie was bom in 1754. He was a famous engineer, surveyor and cartographer. He was appointed as the first Surveyor General of British India in 1815 and held the post till his death in 1821. 2.

When did Colin Mackenzie discovered Hampi?

The correct answer is Colonel Colin Mackenzie. The ruins at Hampi were brought to light in 1800 by Colonel Colin Mackenzie. Hampi, the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire, was discovered by Colonel Colin Mackenzie. Mackenzie, who was a well-known engineer, surveyor, and cartographer visited Hampi in 1800.

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How did Colin Mackenzie collect information about Hampi?

(iii) Mackenzie collected more information about Hampi through embarking on collecting local histories, interacting and hold conversation with elderly people, priests, having some old and written books or record papers and survey historic sites in order to better understand India’s past.

Who founded Vijayanagar empire?

Harihara and Bukka
Harihara and Bukka founded Vijayanagara Kingdom and had been administrators in the Kakatiya kingdom which was defeated by the Delhi Sultanate. They were captured, converted and sent as governors of Kakatiya & Kampili.

Who discovered Vijayanagar?

The Vijayanagara Empire, also called Karnata Kingdom, was based in the Deccan Plateau region in South India. It was established in 1336 by the brothers Harihara I and Bukka Raya I of the Sangama dynasty, members of a pastoralist cowherd community that claimed Yadava lineage….

Vijayanagara Empire
Currency Varaha

Who was Colin Mackenzie on which things his initial information about Hampi was based?

Colin Mackenzie was an engineer and antiquarian. He was an employee of the East India Company. He prepared the first survey of the Hampi. His initial information about this city was based on the memories of priests of the Virupaksha temple and the shrine of Pampadevi.

How did Mackenzie discovered the ruins of Hampi?

An engineer and antiquarian Colonel Colin Mackenzie brought the ruins of Hampi to light in 1800. He was an employee in East India Company. He prepared the first survey map of this site. His initial informations were based on the memories of priest of the Virupaksha temple and shrine of Pampadevi.

Who first discovered Hampi and when?

It was Colin Mackenzie who discovered the ruins of Hampi in 1800. The Archeological Survey of India still does many excavations to discover the many beautiful temples and also other artifacts.