Can I use Tmobile prepaid on iPhone?

Can I use Tmobile prepaid on iPhone?

In a fantastic offering from T-Mobile, the iPhone is now available with prepaid service on T-Mobile’s blazing fast, data-strong 4G LTE network. Customers can now purchase and activate an iPhone with T-Mobile service in more than 250 Apple stores across the nation.

Does T-Mobile sell burner phones?

Burner phones at T-Mobile are called prepaid phones. T-Mobile sells prepaid phones and prepaid plans that can be used with the phones. You can buy one or the other without a contract. T-Mobile prepaid phones are quite expensive, especially if all you need is a backup phone.

What phones are compatible with a T-Mobile SIM card?

T-Mobile phones are compatible with low-cost carriers that are powered by the T-Mobile and AT networks. T-Mobile and AT use GSM network technology while Sprint and Verizon use the CDMA network. Most unlocked smartphones made within the last couple years, are actually compatible with both GSM and CDMA carriers.

Does T-Mobile give temporary phones?

T-Mobile is allowing users to use any device, such as an iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7, as a loaner so long as the device is in stock at their local store. Customers can then bring the phone back and swap it out once the phone that they wanted arrives.

Can I put a T-Mobile SIM card in an unlocked iPhone?

Question: Q: Unlocked iphone x with Tmobile sim Answer: A: It is unlocked. It will work with any compatible GSM carrier.

Is iPhone 4 4G compatible?

4G phones are ones that work on 4G networks. Just like previous iPhone models, the iPhone 4 is not compatible with 4G networks. Because the iPhone 4 only used the 3G and EDGE cellular networks, the iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone.

Can you get iPhone on T Mobile?

T-Mobile can only unlock devices sold by T-Mobile. If you have an unlocked device from another carrier you would like to use with T-Mobile service, see our Bring your own device (BYOD) guide. To unlock a non-T-Mobile device, contact the original retailer or carrier, including devices purchased from Sprint or Metro by T-Mobile.

How do I Activate my T Mobile phone?

Go to

  • Select Activate your device for AT wireless device.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Select Continue.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your activation.
  • Does T Mobile have prepaid?

    The best way to keep your T-Mobile prepaid number is to stay current with your account. There are three simple ways to refill your T-Mobile prepaid plan. Refill Online with T-Mobile Portal. Again, the T-Mobile portal comes in handy when it comes to refilling.

    How do I sign up for T Mobile?

    A new SIM Card ($10),your current T-Mobile SIM card will not work with T-Mobile Connect Prepaid.

  • The mobile number from your existing account you want to migrate.
  • Existing T-Mobile account number.
  • PIN/Passcode from your existing T-Mobile account (different from your My T-Mobile password – it’s the one you use when you call us).