How do I connect my subwoofer to my Philips Soundbar?

How do I connect my subwoofer to my Philips Soundbar?

Plug the Soundbar and the subwoofer into the mains sockets and then press on the unit or remote control to switch the unit to ON mode. The subwoofer and Soundbar will automatically pair. When the subwoofer is pairing with the Soundbar, the Pair indicator on the subwoofer will flash fast.

How do I connect my Soundbar to my Philips Smart TV?

To connect your soundbar to your Philips TV via the HDMI ARC, insert one end of the HDMI ARC cable into the port labeled HDMI ARC on the back of your TV and the other end into the corresponding port on the back of your soundbar. Once the connection is tightly secured, press the “Arc” button on your soundbar remote.

Where is the reset button on my Philips Soundbar?

Once you have the remote please press the following buttons: BASS+, VOL-, and TREBLE+. Please press these in that order and within 3 seconds. The Soundbar will automatically turn off and back on again.

How do I reset my Philips Soundbar htl2160?

You can reset your SoundBar to the default settings programmed at the factory. 1 In mute mode, quickly press AUX twice. » The factory settings is restored.

How do you turn up the bass on a Philips SoundBar?

e BASS +/- Increase or decrease bass. f Volume control • +/-: Increase or decrease volume. • : Mute or restore volume. g SOUND Select a sound mode. h SURROUND ON/OFF Select surround or stereo sound.

How do I connect my Philips Smart TV to my surround sound?

Use a digital audio cable (1) to connect one end to the S/PDIF OUT coaxial output at the back of the TV. Connect the other end to the digital coaxial input of the audio equipment. Turn on the TV and select a program. Switch on the audio equipment and select the input to which the TV is connected.

How do I connect my Philips subwoofer to my phone?

How to pair my Philips speaker with mobile phone?

  1. Slide the switch on the speaker towards Bluetooth symbol. The Bluetooth indicator flashes in blue.
  2. On your Bluetooth device (such as mobile phone), activate the Bluetooth function.
  3. On your mobile device, select your Philips Bluetooth speaker such as “PHILIPS SBT30”

Why Philips Soundbar is not working?

Check whether there is any new software at the “Software and drivers” section on the Philips Support website. Power off the TV and Home Theatre system, disconnect the HDMI cable. Then re-connect everything again and power on both devices to setup again.

Why is my Philips Soundbar not working?

If you’re using an analog connection, make sure the TV volume is turned up. If the TV’s analog audio output is set to “variable” and you’re getting no sound from the soundbar, try turning the TV’s volume up. If the TV is turned down all the way, you’ll hear no sound even if the soundbar is set to full volume.

Why does my Philips Soundbar keep turning off?

The SLEEP function may be enabled. this function can switch off the device in the pre-set time. You just need to disable it to avoid the device auto switching off.

How do I connect my Philips subwoofer to my TV?

the subwoofer to enter the pairing mode. » The indicator on the subwoofer blinks white quickly. press twice then BASS + once, and then hold down SURROUND ON. » If the pairing succeeds, the indicator on the subwoofer lights up white. » If the pairing fails, the indicator on the subwoofer blinks white slowly.