How do you attach a wooden dowel to a curtain rod?

How do you attach a wooden dowel to a curtain rod?

Find and mark the center of one end of the dowel. Drill a 3/16 inch hole one inch deep at the center mark. Use pliers to screw one end of the dowel screw into the dowel, then screw the other dowel onto that. Sand and apply clear finish* to dowel rods.

Can I use dowel for curtain rod?

Choose a dowel rod that is slightly longer than your window. For example, the window in the photo example is 40 inches and I used a 48 inch dowel rod. You can get round dowels like this in lengths up to 96 inches – like this one I found at Home Depot.

How do you hang a curtain rod without studs?

If there isn’t a stud, you need to use a drywall anchor and a screw to reinforce your curtain rod brackets. Without a drywall anchor, a screw won’t be able to hold the weight of your curtain rod. You risk pulling the brackets out of the wall and causing further wall damage.

How do you hang a wooden dowel?

  1. Step 1: Measure the Walls. Measure the depth of the closet on both sides, and subtract 1/4 inch.
  2. Step 2: Drill Holes. Measure the size of the dowel.
  3. Step 3: Find the Studs.
  4. Step 4: Cut the Dowel.
  5. Step 5: Install the Stretchers.
  6. Step 6: Level and Mark.
  7. Step 7: Finish the Job.
  8. Fit end caps over both ends of the dowel.

How do you make a wooden curtain rod?

How to make Restoration Hardware inspired wooden curtain rods:

  1. step 1: measure to drill your hole.
  2. step 2: using your hole saw, cut out a semicircle from each bracket.
  3. step 3: sand any rough edges from the cut.
  4. step 4: beat up your brackets.
  5. step 5: stain your brackets.

Can I make my own dowels?

All you need is a block of wood, a sharp chisel, a drill, and you can make your own wooden dowels using this diy wood dowel jig. This easy dowel making jig is super easy to use, for advanced and beginner woodworkers alike!