What band is 25mhz?

What band is 25mhz?

25MHz Reference Circuit

Characteristics Values
Frequency Band (MHz) 24.93-24.99
Channel Spacing Random
Information Rate .22 to 7.5 frames/sec
Emission Type(s) 2K50J3E

What frequency does the government use?

Federal Government Spectrum Use Reports 225 MHz – 7.125 GHz.

What frequency do Walmart walkie talkies use?

Walmart and Sam’s Club use a two way radio, made by Motorola Solutions, model Motorola RDM2070D, which is exclusive to Walmart and Sam’s Club. The Motorola RDM2070D is preprogrammed on MURS frequencies with most channels using CTCSS tone 21/4Z/136.5Hz.

What frequency is walkie talkie?

Two-way radios (or walkie-talkies) generally operate in the 136 MHz to 900 MHz frequency range, as defined by the FCC. This is an overview of the various services and bands of frequencies. For a complete guide to all the officially assigned frequencies, you can refer to the FCC Online Table of Frequency Allocations.

What are the citizen band frequencies?

Rule Part. The Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service for personal or business activities of the general public. It also may be used for voice paging. It is authorized 40 channels between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz.

What are US MURS channels?

Rule Part. The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) uses channels in the 151 – 154 MHz spectrum range. The most common use of MURS channels is for short-distance, two-way communications using small, portable hand-held radios that function similar to walkie-talkies.

What is the frequency range of broadcasting in the United States?

UNITED STATES Region 1 MHz Region 2 MHz Region 3 MHz Band MHz Government Allocation Non-Government Allocation Remarks 174-223 BROADCASTING 621 623 628 629 174-216 BROADCASTING Fixed Mobile 620 174-223 FIXED MOBILE BROADCASTING 619 624 625 626 630 174-216 BROADCASTING NG115 NG128 NG149 Television broadcasting 216-220 FIXED MARITIME MOBILE

What is the best cell phone band for LTE in Illinois?

H2O Wireless. 1900 MHz Band 2 LTE, 1700/2100 MHz Band 4 LTE, 700 MHz Band 17 LTE, 2300 MHz Band 30 LTE. Illinois Valley Cellular. 800 MHz Band 26 LTE, 1900 MHz Band 25 LTE, 2.5 GHz Band 41 LTE. Inland Cellular.

What is the frequency range of the NG124?

33-34 LAND MOBILE NG124 33.00-33.01 MHz Land Transportation 33.01-33.11 MHz Public Safety 33.11-33.41 MHz Industrial 33.41-34 MHz Public Safety 34-35 FIXED MOBILE See Section 4.3.6 of the NTIA Manual for Channeling Plan. 35-36 LAND MOBILE NG124 35.00-35.19 MHz Industrial 35.19-35.69 MHz Domestic Public Industrial Public Safety 35.69-36.00 MHz

What is the frequency range of the United States Federal Reserve?

UNITED STATES Region 1 MHz Region 2 MHz Region 3 MHz Band MHz Government Allocation Non-Government Allocation Remarks 27.5-28 METEOROLOGICAL AIDS FIXED MOBILE 27.41-27.54 LAND MOBILE Industrial 27.54-28 FIXED MOBILE US298 US298 28-29.7 AMATEUR AMATEUR-SATELLITE 28-29.7 AMATEUR AMATEUR-SATELLITE 29.7-30.005 FIXED MOBILE 29.7-29.8