What does digit span measure on the WAIS IV?

What does digit span measure on the WAIS IV?

The Digit Span score is the length of the longest correctly repeated sequence. The DST-score is an indication of intelligence among other tests. In the data-file the sequences are referred to as levels. This means that when the longest repeated sequence is 7, the participant reached level 7 in one of trials.

What is digit span forward?

Digit Span Forward requires the child to repeat numbers in the same order as read aloud by the examiner, and Digit Span Backward requires the child to repeat the numbers in the reverse order of that presented by the examiner.

What is a forward digit span task?

Digit Span (DGS) is a measure of verbal short term and working memory that can be used in two formats, Forward Digit Span and Reverse Digit Span. This is a verbal task, with stimuli presented auditorily, and responses spoken by the participant and scored automatically by the software.

What does digit span forward test?

The digit span test is a very short test that evaluates a person’s cognitive status. It is frequently used in hospitals and physicians’ offices in order for a clinician to quickly evaluate whether a patient’s cognitive abilities are normal or impaired.

What is a forward digit span?

What is the backward digit span?

The “digit span backwards” (DSB) is the most commonly used test in clinical neuropsychology to assess working memory capacity. Yet, it remains unclear how the task is solved cognitively. The present study was conducted to examine the use of visual and verbal cognitive strategies in the DSB.

What does the WAIS digit span measure?

WAIS Digit Span scores of 50 subjects were evaluated to determine the relationship of Digits Forward and Digits Backward to intellectual functioning in an intellectually subnormal population. The subjects fell into one of five levels of intelligence, 50—59, 60—69, 70—79, 80—89, and 90—99, based upon Full Scale WAIS IQ.

Is the WAIS digit span discriminated across the five levels of intelligence?

Only the WAIS Digit Span (combined forward and backward) and Digits Backward discriminated across the five levels of intelligence. 1. Costa, L. The relation of visuospatial dysfunction to digit span performance in patients with cerebral lesions. Cortex, 1975, 11, 31 – 36. 2.

What is the relationship between WAIS-IV digit span subtest components?

This study investigated the relationship between the three components of WAIS-IV Digit Span subtest: Digit Span Forward (DSF), Digit Span Backward (DSB), and Digit Span Sequencing (DSS), as the addition of DSS represents a major revision to a well validated working memory measure.

Is Digit Span forward a good measure of attention?

Digit span forward is a good measure of simple attention, and most healthy individuals perform within the seven plus/minus two span of apprehension range. While some consider the digit span test to be representative of a memory task, the demands on memory per se are minimal, and digit span forward is best considered as a measure of attention.