What is 16 mm in a fraction?

What is 16 mm in a fraction?

5/8 inch
16mm = 5/8 inch.

What is the equivalent of 16 gauge?

0.064″ 1.6mm
Sheet Steel Gauge Conversion Chart

Gauge No Inch Metric
15 0.072″ 1.8mm
16 0.064″ 1.6mm
17 0.056″ 1.4mm
18 0.048″ 1.2mm

What is 20mm as a fraction?

Decimal Fraction Metric
0.1875 3/16 20 mm
0.1969 21 mm
0.2188 7/32 22 mm
0.2362 22.23 mm

How thick is a 16-gauge sheet of steel?

The thickness of a sheet of 16-gauge steel is approximately 0.05928 to 0.065 inches. The thickness varies depending on the type of steel and the gauge standard. When measuring the thickness for galvanized, standard and stainless steel, the Manufacturers’ Standard Gage is used in the United States.

How to convert sheet metal gauge number to thickness?

Convert Sheet Metal Gauge number to thickness in mm or inch. Simply define the engineering material you wish to use and the gauge number. For example if I want sheet metal with 20mm thick aluminum then type in “20” for millimeters-thickness and Aluminum as Engineering Material.

What is the thickness of galvanized sheet steel?

GAUGE TO THICKNESS CHART Gauge Stainless Galvanized Sheet Steel Aluminum Fraction inches (mm 24 0.025 (0.64) 0.0276 (0.70) 0.0239 (0.61) 0.0201 (0.51)

How do you convert GA to mm/inch?

Ga. is different from inches, there is no conversion formula. Even when the non-ferrous metal plate and the steel plate are the same Ga., the thickness is actually different. You can find the gauge to mm / inch conversion for sheet metal by the chart below.