What is smart parcel box?

What is smart parcel box?

iParcelBox – Never miss a delivery again! iParcelBox solves the problem of missed deliveries, providing a smart, secure and weatherproof parcel delivery solution you monitor and control from your smartphone. iParcelBox’s patented technology allows you to receive multiple secure deliveries when you are not at home.

How does a smart post box work?

Smart Parcel Box created The original Smart Parcel Box is created. The largest parcel box available, easy to use, the box features a scannable proof of delivery barcode, secure anti-fishing mechanism and can receive multiple parcels over one day.

How do you send a parcel box?

Wrap items individually and surround them with bubble sheeting and recyclable or foam loose-fill materials. Content should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box. Securely seal your parcel. Use pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape that’s at least 2 in./5.08 cm wide.

How do you use a parcel postbox?

Parcel Postboxes are ideally suited for a fast and easy local drop off which are open 24/7 for your convenience.

  1. If you’re returning an item, simply stick your return label on your item and drop it off.
  2. If you’re sending an item, simply buy postage using Click & Drop, or the Royal Mail App.

Do I have to pay for parcel locker?

With this free service, just choose a safe spot at the delivery address and we’ll leave your parcel there for you.

How do I get a mailbox key for my new house?

Assuming you do not have a spare, you will need to:

  1. Find the website for the USPS post office that oversees your mailbox.
  2. Fill out the new keys replacement form and pay the fee (typically, the cost is $20 or more).
  3. The postal service company will send you a notice card via email when your new key is ready for pick-up.

Does the post office give free boxes?

The USPS will keep you well-stocked with boxes, stickers, forms and more for free. These pre-printed envelopes, Tyvek® mailers and boxes can be used to send items through Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, and they’re eco-friendly.

How can you make your home safe?

Here are 11 easy ways to secure your home

  1. Secure the doors.
  2. Lock the windows.
  3. Light up the landscape.
  4. Set up a security system.
  5. Don’t forget the garage.
  6. Lock down your Wi-Fi network.
  7. Eliminate hiding places.
  8. Add security cameras.

How do you make a simple memory box?

Here’s how to make a memory box that will help you safeguard them. Transform a wooden box with red felt, shoelaces, and striped ribbon. Using fabric glue, cover the top and sides of a top-hinged box with felt. Poke holes on the short sides of the box and string laces through for a tie closure.

Can I put packages in my mailbox?

If your package is less than one-half inch thick and weighs less than 10 oz, you may use postage stamps and do one of the following: Put it in your mailbox for carrier pickup. Drop it in a blue collection box or Post Office lobby mail slot. Request a free pickup.

Can I put a parcel in a post box UK?

Normal there is a sticker you can just peel off with their address on it, and the postage is prepaid. If so you can just put it in the post box, otherwise I would take it to the PO to make sure you pay correct postage.

How do I make a parcel?

  1. Find a suitable box or bag. When you’re looking at how to package a parcel, consider:
  2. Wrap your items. Wrap any items before you put them in the box or bag.
  3. Pack the empty space.
  4. Put your address inside.
  5. Fasten your parcel with tape.
  6. Secure any loose edges.
  7. Label your package.
  8. Send your parcel.

How do I register my parcel locker?

How to register for My Parcel Locker Print

  1. Follow the registration process at mplocker.com or download the My Parcel Locker app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Open the My Parcel Locker user web page or app and use the “Register for Deliveries” button to create an account.

How do I set up a parcel locker address?

Add a Parcel Locker as an alternative delivery address

  1. Go to Alternative delivery addresses and add a Parcel Locker.
  2. Search by street address, suburb or postcode.
  3. From the Map or List view, select the Parcel Locker you want to use and select ‘Add’

What is parcelhome?

The most convenient and secure smart parcel box. Smart Monitor and control via smartphone. Simple Never miss deliveries. Secure 24/7 protection from theft and weather. Open your ParcelHome and provide couriers with access codes for pick-ups and deliveries, all from the free ParcelHome app. Compatible with all courier services.

How does the box keep my parcel safe?

The box comes with an anti-prying lock system that keeps your parcels safe from forced entry, vandalism, and identity theft. The body of the box comprises of thick galvanized steel combined with corrosion-resistant powder-coated exterior and interiors.

What is a parcel box with code?

The parcel box with code boasts of a weather-resistant coating to effectively safeguard your belongings from rain, hailstorms, snow, and wind. The box also includes an additional manual key lock. You can use it as an alternative in case the batteries go off in the digital lock.

What are the features of a parcel lockbox?

The parcel lockbox features a robust reinforced stainless steel body with hydraulic struts adding longevity and flawlessness to the lid. The box comes with a wood and concrete anchoring system that allows you to easily mount them on wooden, stone, brick, and concrete floors.