How many alien races are in Halo?

How many alien races are in Halo?

eight Covenant races
Let’s take a look at the eight Covenant races seen throughout the Halo series, and explain the religious organization’s primary motivation for destroying everything good in the galaxy.

What kind of aliens are in Halo?

However, if I were forced to kiss them, here’s my definitive ranked list, according to how willing I would be to kiss them.

  • Elites (Sangheili)
  • Brutes (Jiralhanae)
  • Prophets (San’Shyuum)
  • Grunts (Unggoy)
  • Hunters (Lekgolo/Mgalekgolo)
  • Jackals or Skirmishers (Kig-Yar)
  • Drones (Yanme’e)
  • Engineers (Huragok)

What are the aliens called in Halo Infinite?

Developer 343 mentioned three new enemies who make their debut in Halo Infinite: the agile Skimmers, a sadistic Spartan killer called Jega ‘Rdomnai, and a mysterious new character called The Harbinger of the Truth, who declares “the Forerunners’ lies are at an end” as she blasts Master Chief through a tree.

Are the San Shyuum extinct?

San’Shyuum (Latin Perfidia vermis, meaning “worms of treachery”), also known as Prophets by many individuals, are a near-extinct sapient species native to Janjur Qom.

What race is the arbiter?

Sangheili race
The appellation of Arbiter was bestowed upon the commander-in-chief of the Covenant military, and was regarded as a great privilege among the Sangheili race.

What are jackals in Halo?

The Ruuhtians, better known as Jackals by the majority of UNSC personnel, are the most commonly encountered sub-species of Kig-Yar. They originated from the Eayn supercontinent of Ruuht. Many were seen serving within the Covenant Army throughout the Human-Covenant war.

What race are the Prophets in Halo?

San’Shyuum (Latin Perfidia vermis, meaning “worms of treachery”), also known as Prophets by many individuals, are a near-extinct sapient species native to Janjur Qom. Prior to the Great Schism in 2552, the San’Shyuum served as the leadership caste of the Covenant.

What race is the prophet Halo?

San’Shyuum (Latin Perfidia vermis, meaning “Worms of Treachery”), also known as Prophets by humanity, are a species who were the leadership caste within the Covenant, and one of the more mysterious member races of the hierarchy.

Who is the Covenant human in Halo?

Makee is a human woman who lives amongst the covenant as a respected member of its civilization. This is unthinkable in the base canon of the games, but the Halo show exists in a separate universe known as the Silver Timeline.

What are skirmishers in Halo?

Description. Skirmishers are the same species as the more common, lightly built Jackals, but they are much faster, stronger, can jump higher and are more agile than any ordinary Kig-Yar. In addition, they sport manes of feathers rather than quills.

How do Kig-Yar reproduce?

Kig-Yar reproduce by laying eggs which the female incubates in a nest, similar to birds.

Are there aliens in the Halo series?

The universe of the Halo series is chock-full of alien species. Although the Halo games and their stories focus primarily on the human UNSC, they serve to introduce plenty of aliens that get their own focus or are expanded upon in the novels, comic books, and other works of the expanded universe.

Are there any species known to humanity in Halo universe?

A number of species known to Humanity are or were members or client races of the Covenant hegemony. Humanity itself remains independent in inter-species affairs. There are many animals that have been mentioned in the Halo Universe.

What are the elites in Halo?

The Elites are skilled combatants and technicians, and they’re a fairly common enemy throughout the Halo universe. The height of an Elite can be anywhere from 7-foot-4 to 8-foot-6, and they’re super strong. These aliens did what Master Chief could never do: Have a sex appeal.

Who are the Covenant in Halo?

In the Halo series, the Covenant refers to an alliance of multiple alien species, all united under a belief that the aliens will one day be able to activate a super technology and ascend to join the gods.