What size are kayak scupper holes?

What size are kayak scupper holes?

Their cone-like shape allows them to fit into scupper holes ranging from a fit of ¾ of an inch to 1½ inch.

How much does a scupper Pro kayak weigh?

But that didn’t last forever. The world’s first roto molded sit on top kayak was the first with an official model name: The Scupper. At 14′ long and only 43 lbs, it was also the first with the little drainage holes commonly known as “scuppers.”

Can I use my kayak without scupper plugs?

Without scupper holes, there is simply no need for scupper plugs. It’s important to remember that scupper holes are included in sit on top kayaks for a reason. They are an important safety feature and highly recommended for beginner kayakers.

How long is a Scupper Pro?

At 28″ wide and 13 (or 15)ft long it is moderately fast. It is super stable.

How long is an Ocean Kayak Scrambler?

11′ 6.5″
Scrambler 11 Ocean Kayak Specs: LENGTH: 11′ 6.5″ | 3.5 m. WIDTH: 29.5″ | 74.9 cm. WEIGHT: 47 lbs | 21.3 kg. SEAT WIDTH: 18″ | 45.7 cm.

How heavy is an Ocean Kayak?


Color Ahi
Assembled Boat Weight The boat’s weight including everything Ocean Kayak supplies with the boat – Hull, Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal console (when applicable). 63 lb | 28.5768 kg
Removable Seat Weight 2 lb | 0.91 kg
Bow Seat Width 18.5 in | 47 cm
Stern Seat Width 20.25 in | 51.4 cm

What is a kayak scupper plug?

What Do Scupper Plugs Do? Scupper plugs give you the ability to cover the self-bailing drain holes in the hull of a sit-on-top kayak. This helps you achieve a drier ride by preventing water from coming up through the scupper holes. Naturally, most sit on top kayaks collect a small amount of water while you paddle.

Are Heavier kayaks more stable?

So wider kayaks are generally more stable than narrow ones, but the wider a kayak, the more work it takes to paddle it — at any speed. So generally, the more stable (i.e. wider) your kayak, the harder you’ll have to work to keep up to your friends.