Who is the little girl on the sunscreen bottle?

Who is the little girl on the sunscreen bottle?

Cheri Brand Irwin
The woman behind an iconic Coppertone suntan lotion ad died this week. Joyce Ballantyne Brand drew the image of a puppy tugging at the bathing suit of a little girl in 1959. The artist’s daughter, Cheri Brand Irwin was the model for that ad, and she speaks with host Madeleine Brand about her mother’s life and legacy.

Who was the child in the Coppertone ads?

Cheri Irwin once had the most famous derriere in America- She was the original Coppertone baby! Today she turned 59 and came to the defense of the mom who just caused a stir for reenacting that now iconic Coppertone ad.

Did they change the Coppertone logo?

But there was a loud public outcry against the new image, with people saying it looked like clip art or something a child made. In response to the negative reaction, Gap actually changed back to its old logo. Alaina’s mother, Kimberlee, came across the contest by chance while looking for a Coppertone coupon.

Who played the Coppertone girl?

Actress Jodie Foster made her TV debut in a Coppertone commercial as a toddler on a boat with her family.

Who was the Coppertone girl on the billboards?

Jodie Foster made her acting debut in a Coppertone® 8 television commercial in 1965. She was 3 years old.

Which sunscreen brand is being advertised in the picture?

Coppertone is the brand name for an American sunscreen….Coppertone (sunscreen)

Product type Sunscreen
Registered as a trademark in U.S., Canada
Website coppertone.com

Did Jodie Foster do a Coppertone ad?

Why is Blue Lizard sunscreen the best?

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Does Supergoop leave a white cast?

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What is the oldest sunscreen?

Sunbathers lathering up with suntan lotion have a pharmacist to thank for the original Coppertone formula. The first effective suntan lotion was developed around 1938 by a Swiss chemistry student named Franz Greiter, who got sunburned as he climbed Mount Piz Buin in the Alps, according to The New York Times.

Does CVS carry Blue Lizard?

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Is Supergoop actually clean?

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