How Much Does a bell 47 cost?

How Much Does a bell 47 cost?

An introductory price has been set at $750,000 with a zero price escalation until 2016. After the end of March, SB47 expects to increase the price to approximately $820,000 in 2016 dollars. Scott’s-Bell 47 was formed in 2009.

Is the bell 47 still made?

Of 6,632 47s built by Bell and its foreign licensees, almost 700 still fly in the United States and 1,000 fly worldwide. The 47 has remained in service longer than any other helicopter. Why is it still popular?

What helicopter was the military version of the Bell Helicopter Model 47?

It was designated H-13 Sioux by the US Army, and during the Korean War, it served a variety of roles, including reconnaissance and scouting, search and rescue, and medevac. The “Telecopter” was a Bell Model 47 rented by television station KTLA in Los Angeles, California.

What kind of Blades does a Bell 47J have?

1957 BELL 47-J Model has TVO 435 has -23 weighted blades. Had a hard landing, has a bent tail boom and bent skids. Bubble was damaged. TT 5926 Hours. Comes with all books and manuals. *All aircraft loans are subject to credit approval.

What is the difference between the bell 47h-1 and 47j-2a Ranger?

The Bell 47H-1 version has an enclosed cabin and fuselage and seats three. The last civilian model is the Bell 47J-2A Ranger. It seats four and is powered by a Lycoming VO-435 engine. Military versions of this line include the Agusta A.115, the Meridional/Agusta EMA 124, and the Kawasaki KH-4.

What kind of engine does the Bell 47G have?

The Bell 47G-3 is powered by a Franklin 6VS-335-A supercharged engine while the Bell 47G-3B is powered by Lycoming TVO-435 turbocharged engine. The Bell 47G-4 is a three seat model with a Lycoming TVO-435 engine.

What kind of engine does a 47J Ranger have?

The 47J Ranger has an external length of 9.87 meters, a height of 2.8 meters, and a fuselage diameter of 1.5 meters. The main rotor diameter is 11.33 meters while the main rotor area is 100.8 square meters. The 47J is powered by a Lycoming VO-435-A1B piston engine.