How to beat Evrae in Final Fantasy 10?

How to beat Evrae in Final Fantasy 10?

It is recommended to apply mental and armor break to Evrae and keep moving away. Then keep the assault with Wakka and Lulu (Lulu’s spells will barely deal damage due to Evrae’s resistance which can be removed with mental break). Then Bring out Rikku for Healing.

Can Evrae be poisoned ffx?

Poison Breath. While the Fahrenheit is away, only magic, Lancet, Wakka’s physical attacks and the Mix Overdrive can hit Evrae, but Poison Breath misses and Evrae initially uses the weak Photon Spray attack.

How do I get the avenger in FFX?

Avenger is a Dagger obtained by finding and turning in the Black Key found at Sky Cave and by buying it for 80 Star Quartz from Mama Chocobo at Gungan.

How do I get Ragnarok FFX?

Final Fantasy X The Ragnarok is a sword that can be created by adding Triple AP, Triple Overdrive and Overdrive->AP to one of Tidus’s swords. The sword will be called Ragnarok, unless Break Damage Limit is added as well, at which point it will turn into the Excalibur.

Are there any cheats for Final Fantasy X on PS2?

Final Fantasy games are known for their secrets and side-quests, and the PS2 version of Final Fantasy X certainly has its fair share. Use this Final Fantasy X cheat guide to find all hidden aeons, unlock all overdrives, and get each character’s ultimate weapon. These cheats are for the original PlayStation 2 release.

Who is evrae in Final Fantasy X?

Evrae is a boss in Final Fantasy X, fought by Yuna ‘s guardians on the deck of the Fahrenheit prior to their arrival into Bevelle. Known as Bevelle’s guardian wyrm, Evrae is a formidable storyline boss, due to the mechanics of battle aboard the airship and the absence of Yuna and her healing and summoning abilities.

How do you beat evrae in Fahrenheit?

The Fahrenheit’s Guided Missiles help you stack up damage on the boss, though keep in mind that they can only be used three times. When Evrae closes the distance with your party, unload on it with physical attacks and magic, as well as Overdrives when you can. Don’t forget to blind it again with Dark Buster or Smoke Bomb when you need to.