Is Orpheus Island a green zone?

Is Orpheus Island a green zone?

All animals and plants, living or dead, are protected in the Marine National Park (Green) Zone and on the national park. When boating, go slowly over seagrass beds—dugongs feed here.

Is Whitehaven Beach a green zone?

Fishing is not permitted in Marine National Park (green) zones. These zones include, but are not limited to locations such as Whitehaven Beach, Denman Island, Armit Island, Maureens Cove and Butterfly Bay.

Is Osprey Reef a green zone?

One of the biggest changes is that Osprey Reef, 230km off Cooktown, has been included in a green zone, where the only commercial activities to be allowed include diving, snorkelling, and recreational boating.

Is Arthur Bay a green zone?

Arthur Bay-Yellow Zone Coral viewers pick (C) (1.4km total).

Is Fitzroy Island a green zone?

The waters surrounding Fitzroy Island are Conservation Park (Yellow) Zone. Check Great Barrier Reef zoning information and maps before entering or conducting any activities in the marine park water surrounding this island.

Can you snorkel off Whitehaven Beach?

Whitehaven is not well known for snorkelling because it lacks fringing reefs. You can take a look under the surface to spot the occasional fish or turtle on the sandy bottom, but for the best snorkelling take a short walk to Chance Bay. You can access the Chance Bay walking track from the southern end of Whitehaven.

Is there good snorkelling at Whitehaven Beach?

The whitsundays as a whole and whitehaven beach in particular are truly breathtaking, and I recommend this place as a once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed. At the end of the day an awesome time was had by all who went snorkeling and stayed on whitehaven beach.

Are there crocodiles on Lady Musgrave Island?

There are many types of reptiles and other species. Among the 17 species of snakes, including some sea snakes, are a number of other amphibians including the Saltwater Crocodile.

Is Fitzroy or green island better for snorkeling?

For spending time in the water snorkelling, then I’d recommend Green Island. However, if you’re likely to spend more time on land checking out beautiful beaches and hikes, then Fitzroy Island might be better for you. Remember that both island offer accommodation but prices vary.

Is Green Island good for snorkeling?

Green Island Snorkelling Snorkelling at Green Island, with its lifeguard patrolled beach, is a safe and exciting way to introduce yourself to the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel gear includes snorkel, mask and fins; prescriptions masks and flotation vests are available for hire from the dive shop*.

Where is the best snorkeling in the Whitsundays?

10 of the best snorkelling spots in the Whitsundays

  • Stonehaven Bay – Hook Island.
  • Luncheon Bay – Hook Island.
  • Mantaray Bay – Hook Island.
  • Mackerel Bay – Hook Island.
  • East Reef – Hook Island.
  • Cateran Bay – Border Island.
  • Dumbell Island.
  • Chalkie’s Beach – Haselwood Island.

Are the Whitsundays good for snorkelling?

Comprised of 74 individual islands and coral cays fringed by spectacular coral gardens, the Whitsundays region is renowned for its beach snorkelling and shallow waters perfect for little explorers. There’s no need to book onto a boat tour to meet the local marine life. Simply step off the beach and onto the Reef.

Is it safe to snorkel in Whitsundays?

The simple answer is no – the Great Barrier Reef is not dangerous. Full of life with beautiful marine animals and plants, it’s a safe place to visit and is one of the most unforgettable marine destinations in the world!

Are there Stingers at Lady Musgrave?

Are there jellyfish? In an open ocean environment, we cannot guarantee there will be no jellyfish, however we have never had any harmful stingers, and do not experience a “stinger season” (as is the case further north). The sheltered lagoon prevents large jellyfish blooms in the snorkel area.

Can you swim at Lady Musgrave?

Teeming with bird life above the water, and giant marine life below the water, you can swim with the turtles, dive alongside the manta rays, dance with the dolphins and witness the whales play.

Can you snorkel off Green Island?

Can you snorkel from the beach at Green Island? Yes you can. Swimming and snorkelling are popular activities from Green Island’s beaches and one of them is patrolled by life savers for your protection. Please note that many of the beaches are surrounded by sea grass beds.

Is Fitzroy or Green Island better for snorkeling?

Where can I go snorkelling in the Whitsundays?

Some of our favourite island reef spots to go snorkelling in the Whitsundays are: Across the top of Hook Island there is a series of bays that all offer excellent quality snorkelling with beautiful healthy coral and diverse marine life.

Why dive in the Whitsundays?

The Whitsundays offer some of the world’s best dive and snorkelling sites among abundant tropical marine life in spectacularly clear and warm water. Grab your flippers and go!

Where can I go snorkelling in the South Island?

Snorkelling at Hook Island is very popular because there are several areas you can go to depending on the wind. Stonehaven Bay has two snorkelling sites, Cockatoo Point and the Keyhole.

Where can I snorkel in Stonehaven Bay?

Stonehaven Bay has two snorkelling sites, Cockatoo Point and the Keyhole. Cockatoo Point is on the northern edge of Stonehaven. If you’re lucky you can pick up the only mooring in the area or just anchor outside of the reef markers and take the tender ashore if you’re not close enough to swim towards the reef.