How hard is muse hysteria on bass?

How hard is muse hysteria on bass?

The bass line in Hysteria by Muse is regualarly labeled as one of the most difficult bass lines ever in rock music, and while I get that the speed of it makes it difficult to play, I feel the lack of any complex techniques makes it way easier when compared to so many others.

How many BPM is Hysteria by Muse?

Hysteria is a song by Muse with a tempo of 93 BPM. It can also be used double-time at 186 BPM. The track runs 3 minutes and 47 seconds long with a A key and a minor mode. It has high energy and is somewhat danceable with a time signature of 4 beats per bar.

What pedals does Muse bassist use?

Electro-Harmonix “Black Russian” Big Muff Pi V8 Chris has been using this pedal since Muse’s beginnigs, and he currently owns at least 3 of them. It is one of Chris’s most used pedals, so many of his album and live bass sounds include the Big Muff.

What tempo is Hysteria by Muse?

What bass does Chris Wolstenholme?

In the studio, while making Simulation Theory, Chris has been seen using ’73 Jazz Bass, a ’77 Jazz Bass and his Status signature basses. The Ampeg SVT-VR was used yet again in the studio setup, but an Ashdown BTA-400 head was seen for the first time being used by Wolstenholme.

What grade is Sir Duke on bass?

Your other song can be from our Grade 7 songbook, or can be a song of your own choice, a song that you’ve written, or a cover version that you’ve arranged….YOUR SET LIST.

KATE BUSH Babooshka
IRON MAIDEN Phantom Of The Opera (TF)
TOOL Schism*

How many bass guitar grades are there?

eight LCM
There are eight LCM Bass Guitar grades, plus two introductory levels and three teaching diplomas. The standard graded exams consist of a performance, scales and arpeggios, bass patterns, musicianship and aural assessment (there is also specialism for Grades 6 to 8).

What key is hysteria in?

Hysteria is written in the key of G.

What bass pedals does Muse use?