What is Harditex?

What is Harditex?

Strong and durable, the HardieTex System is a 7.5mm thick fibre cement base sheet that’s finished on site using a third-party texture coat system (which includes joint reinforcement). Ideal for residential homes and home extensions where a rendered look is required without the weight of masonry.

Can Blueboard be used externally?

It’s also worth noting that, because blue boards are not resistant to moisture, they’re ideal for indoor applications. Instead of putting them on the outside of a home or shed.

Can FC sheet be curved?

Suitable for curved applications. Highly durable gaskets.

Is all monolithic cladding bad?

Monolithic cladding gives property exteriors a smooth, seamless look. When installed properly and used in low risk scenarios, it is a safe and attractive exterior cladding option.

Can Villaboard be used for external cladding?

Villaboard lining is an ideal internal lining for bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and high traffic abuse areas. It is not suitable as an external wall cladding.

What is the difference between green board and blue board?

Unlike the green board drywall, blue board works great in bathroom areas or places that get in contact with water. It is perfect for wet areas because it has great mold and water resistance qualities. It was not made for tape, mud or paint but it certainly does a good job at minimizing noise and offering low emissions.

Can you just paint Blueboard?

Painting the blueboard will not cover up all your joins. Also, due to the dryness of the blueboard you would need a number of coats as the first couple tend to suck into the blueboard, this can also lead to colour variation and brush marks.

Does Blueboard crack?

There is a correct way to fit blueboard with a gap and filler which is as important as the tape. Some builders get the joins a bit tight which causes cracking. It’s an easy fix, pull off blue board, refix new sheet and replaster.

Can monolithic cladding be replaced?

Advantages of full recladding change the cladding type, for example, replacing monolithic. cladding with weatherboards. remove at-risk features such as parapets, reverse-slope eaves, raked window heads or cantilevered decks.

Can you waterproof green board?

Water-resistant drywall (often referred to as green board) is not waterproof enough to withstand use for your shower walls without a sheet of glue-on waterproof membrane. It is possible to waterproof drywall in a shower by covering the drywall with a waterproof membrane.

Is PURPLE board better than green board?

What’s the difference between PURPLE drywall and traditional green drywall? Traditional green drywall (also known as greenboard) is only moisture-resistant. PURPLE drywall, manufactured only by Gold Bond Building Products, is superior because it offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance.

Which side of Hardie board goes out?

Either is acceptable, but we recommend that the smooth side with the nailing pattern of every 8″ on center go up.

What is hardietex cladding?

HardieTex™ cladding system, or blueboard, is a strong, pre-primed base sheet that is finished on-site with a specialised texture coat system. Made by James Hardie for over 20 years, HardieTex base sheets are the original blue board.

What is harditex made of?

Harditex, which was an exterior cladding system using cladding sheets made from untreated wood pulp, cement, sand and water, was sold throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, and was withdrawn from the market in 2005, Hughes said.

Did the James Hardie harditex cladding system ever work?

A $220 million class action claim by leaky homeowners has begun at the High Court in Auckland with allegations the James Hardie Harditex cladding system “did not work, and has never effectively worked”.

Why choose Hardie fibre cement cladding?

Fibre cement cladding, building facade systems and weatherboards are engineered for many advantages. James Hardie’s premium fibre cement is durable and resistant to fire, rot, termites and damage from moisture. Typically installed by carpenters, it’s easy to build with and cuts cleanly as sheets and boards less than 9mm thick can be scored