Who are Akshay Kumar parents?

Who are Akshay Kumar parents?

Aruna BhatiaHari Om Bhatia
Akshay Kumar/Parents

Who is Akshay Kumar real father?

Hari Om BhatiaAkshay Kumar / Father

What was Aruna Bhatia suffering from?

She was suffering from age-related health issues and her condition was deteriorating for the past few days. According to the reports, she was admitted to Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital on 3rd September and was in critical condition. Taking to social media, Akshay Kumar shared the tragic news. He wrote: She was my core.

What happened to Akshay Kumars mom?

Akshay’s mother Aruna Bhatia died on September 8 this year. At that time, he took to Twitter to share the news and expressed his grief. “She was my core. And today I feel an unbearable pain at the very core of my existence.

What is Akshay Kumar salary?

Akshay Kumar’s monthly income is more than 10 Crore rupees. He is one of the highest-paid film actors in the world. Akshay Kumar Net Worth in Indian rupees is 2414 Crore which is $325 Million US in 2022.

Who is guru of Akshay Kumar?

And the actor has conducted himself as such all his life, reveals his yoga guru Suveer Balvi. Akshay Kumar never talks against his rivals, never badmouths his co-stars and he never gossips.

When did Aruna Bhatia died?

September 8, 2021Aruna Bhatia / Date of death

Does Alka Bhatia have kids?

In 1997, she married her longtime boyfriend in a Private Hindu marriage ceremony in Mumbai. Bhatia gave birth to her first child (a daughter) along with her first spouse. The name of Alka Bhatia’s daughter is Simar Bhatia. Her daughter Simar Bhatia is moved to the United States for Study.

Where does Akshay Kumar live?

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Who dead in Akshay Kumar?

On Wednesday, Akshay announced the news of his mother’s death and he wrote: “She was my core. And today I feel an unbearable pain at the very core of my existence. My maa Smt Aruna Bhatia peacefully left this world today morning and got reunited with my dad in the other world.

Who died in Akshay Kumar?

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s mother, Aruna Bhatia, died after being hospitalised in Mumbai recently. On Wednesday morning, Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to share the tragic news, and also urged his followers to pray, and asked for privacy as he and his family grieve the death.

How old is aarav Kumar?

19 years (September 15, 2002)Aarav Kumar / Age

Is Akshay a vegetarian?

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is a teetotaller and a fitness freak. His motto has always been — “Stay fit, stay healthy”. The latest change which he has made in his routine is, he has turned vegetarian.